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I'm a software engineering graduate and MSc student at the University of Victoria.


Whistler, BC

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Neal Clark replied to Chris Anderson's discussion Suggestion for a DIY Drones code repository?
"Why don't we create a project on sourceforge.net. That way the svn, cvs, bug tracking, etc is handled for us.

Jul 23, 2008
Neal Clark replied to SmashLab's discussion Discovery Channel seeks expert to help with experimental water rescue vehicle
"There is a group at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada who has developed a very capable autonomous robot. More information can be found on their website http://www.auvic.uvic.ca/.


May 27, 2008
Neal Clark replied to nolin jr.'s discussion Stamp questions from a beginner
"Hi, As i just mentioned in anther post I am a big fan of the Atmel at9usb development boards. They cost around $30 and come with a great ide and are programmed using the c programming language. IT doesn't have the power of the propeller chip but…"
Apr 13, 2008
Neal Clark commented on Chris Anderson's blog post The best programming language for Lego Mindstorms, hands down
"I am a big fan of c and the atmel at90usb board. The board costs around $30, has a great ide, usb support, an uses the c programming language. If you want full featured high performance programming there is nothing better. Although the learning…"
Apr 13, 2008
Neal Clark commented on Andrea Salvatore's blog post Motor Glider UAV project
"HI Andrea,

I believe that this http://soaring.goosetechnologies.com/ project managed to measure thermals. You may also be able to use an accelerometer, altimeter, gps combination to detect when you are rising. Actually i just had an idea but have…"
Apr 8, 2008
Neal Clark commented on Chris Anderson's blog post GeoCrawler 2 (Cellphone autopilot)
"I have been doing research into using a mobile phone as an autopilot but I have a number of concerns regarding the implementation of a realtime system on such a platform.

How do you overcome the inherent lack of realtime functionality in VB.net.…"
Apr 8, 2008
Neal Clark replied to John Zaner's discussion FAA Information
"I just did a quick check of the rules up here in canada and it appears anything flown recreationally and under the weight of 35Kg or 77.2 lbs is considered a model and exempt from regulation. I would be a great resource for anyone considering…"
Apr 7, 2008
Neal Clark replied to Simon Pan's discussion AUV project brainstorming
"There is no need to get nasty. I'm sure we can all agree that there were many concepts we didn't have quite right when we were 16.

You might want to look at this project for ideas.


I would imagine you could…"
Apr 5, 2008
Neal Clark posted a discussion
I have been tinkering with the idea of creating a air speed sensor using a differential pressure sensor such as the Motorola MXP5100DP series with a dual two port case which can easily be connected to silicon tubing and then to an external air input…
Apr 5, 2008
Neal Clark replied to Simon Pan's discussion AUV project brainstorming
"There is a project at the University of Victoria you might be interested in (http://www.auvic.uvic.ca/).


Apr 5, 2008
Neal Clark replied to nick's discussion Getting start with PID...
"From my experience there are a number of issues that need to be taken into consideration before you can use raw data from an IMU. Firstly you will need to do some type of sensor fusion to combine the output signals from the accelerometers and gyros.…"
Apr 5, 2008