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Custom Geofence Action

Hello Everyone, I´m looking into triggering a servo output whenever my plane breaches its geofence.

I know you can trigger flight modes and failsafe operations, and maybe other things with custom builds.

Is anyone familiar with this, and could perhaps

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3DR Radio Range, TX Power increase.

Hi Guys, Have been looking at best settings to give my default 3dr Radios a bit of a range boost. I have a pair of 433MHz and 915MHz radios with the default settings, and TX Power set to 11. My question is, will increaing the TX power increase range

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Telemetry recording and logs

Hi guys! I have been using UGCS for a a while and recently I tried yo record a log of my flight however was unable to connect to my vehicle in the player menu.

Are there any specific settings required ?

I'm using a gopro and a Phantom 2. The idea would

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