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Best tablet for Solo

I was looking at getting the:Samsung - Galaxy Tab A - 9.7" - 16GB - With Pen - Smoky TitaniumModel: SM-P550NZAAXARSKU: 6192105from BestBuy.Price point is nice, also has a stylus pen which is a plus.I was told it does not have embedded GPS, but when g

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New Solo user

So I just purchased the Solo with Solo 3Axis Gimbal, and I have a few questions.1. How do I switch between Video then Photos?2. How do I view my captured shots?3. How do I get into my GoPro camera settings via the app?I have set it up, and updated th

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Is there a Solo vs Inspire 1 comparison?

I have searched YouTube and Google, but have not found a good detailed comparison of the Solo vs Inspire 1. We know they both fly, they both take pictures. What I want to know is the software side, more important the features.I know the Solo has Orbi

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GoPro Hero 4 Black question(s) + range.

Hello fellow Quadcopter/Multirotor users,So I own a Iris+ and happy with it, but I want to upgrade to the Solo. I have a few questions, emailed the company and still waiting for response. So I decided to ask here (been a member here for a while now).

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Iris+ shaking GoPro Hero4

Ok so having a little bit of an issue with the Iris+ and GoPro Hero4. This has just started recently, whenever I fly forward, backwards, left, or right the video shakes a bit. Kind of like you are driving on a gravel road.I have installed brand new p

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Solo key features - IMO

So I am excited about the solo, but wondering on some key points.

1. What is the battery life? Iris+ with everything on gives me solid 15min of flight time. Will Solo be able to match that?

2. Orbit is pretty cool feature. "Get an iconic wraparound

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Iris+ and GoPro Hero4 Smart Remote

I just pruchased the smart remote, and found out it requires the wifi to be on for the GoPro to work with it. Problem is the wifi has to be shut off on the GoPro so it does mess up with the Iris+ flight.

So how do I take pictures from the sky? I hav

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Iris+ Not stable on takeoff

I am having a little bit of an issue. When taking off on the Iris+ if I go in RTL mode during launching, it is stable and takes right off. If I enter in STD mode, and increase the throttle until it takes off. It seems like the back props are spinning

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Iris+ not stable on take off

Seeing I had such great help the first time around, I am back for some more help.  I am having a little bit of an issue.  When taking off on the Iris+ if I go in RTL mode during launching, it is stable and takes right off.  If I enter in STD mode, an

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Iris+ 915Mhz red blinking light, with beeping

I am new to this forum, I joined in hopes of someone helping me out.  I emailed 3DR, just waiting for a response.  I hope maybe someone can shed some light onto what this issue is.

I bought an Iris+, charged the battery, and plugged it in.  All I am g

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