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SOLO Mapper production Batch

Hello guys,

You probably know that we’ve developed the Mapper version of the SOLO which includes a Sony Qx1 (APS-C sensor, 20 Megapixels) and an automatic geotagging feature. Designed for technical work and compatible with mission planner / Tower (video below)


link to the webpage

Our next production starts on december 19 (two weeks left) so we wanted to share this information with you as there might not be any other opportunities to get them later.

Here is the video on how to use it with Tower (it’s as simple as this)

FIY, we released the code that runs in the companion computer open source, you can find it here : and develop your own solutions

Clients will also be provided with this set of documents :


For All DIYDRONES members we’ll include a 32GB memory card instead of an 8GB, just mention that you’re part of the community during your order (or send us an email afterwards)


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! Partner wanted in USA, Canada, Oceania... !


Hello there,

We've developped a mapping/photography solution based on the 3DR SOLO
We figured, let's provide SOLO owners with an more open version (you can use the data collected in the software you like)
Over the past 8 months we've developped our solution to make it as simple as it can be, resulting in a really easy to use system for aerial data acquisition.
More details on the process with the tower app in this video

Basically, for mapping purposes, the drone will be controlled as usual by Mission Planner or Tower, execute the mission and then, once disarmed, it will automatically dowload the pictures taken during the mission, geotag them and you'll get them stored in a folder on the usb key.
Of course you'll also have the live video feed from the Qx1 while on flight.
This solution finds no equivalent in this price range with the same results and automation 


Since the launch a few months ago, there has been an increasing international demand for this solution as it is the most evolved version of a mapping/photography solution based on a SOLO.


We are looking for drone companies expert on pixhawk to partner with and spread this solution in some countries.

Each partner will have an exclusivity on a specific country and will be the only contact for this region.
Anyway we hope that you see this as an opportunity as much as we do, we'll be moving very fast on the next weeks to find a local partner in order to spread the solution quickly.
Be informed that we won't stop at this point, we are currently working on thermal camera integration and will be looking into RTK integration as well.
We are available to discuss over the phone (GMT+2), skype, or via Email to talk about the details of this partnership
And of course this solution is already available worldwide since 3 months now.
Skype : Escadrone
Phone : 0033 458 00 54 10
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3DR SOLO approved by DGAC "french FAA"!

A quick recap of what is allowed in france :


We have been working for a few months to demonstrate to the DGAC that the SOLO was safe enough to be used for commercial operations. We had previously gotten the first type certificates for APM UAVs and Pixhawk UAVs like IRIS and IRIS+.


Can't wait to see the new SOLO update with all new features!

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3DR IRIS gets approved in France by DGAC (french FAA).


After a few weeks of administrative processing it is finally here, the "Attestation de conception de type" (Type certificate) allows the 3DRobotics IRIS to fly legally in France in scenarios S1, S2 and S3. S3 meaning it can fly in urban areas as well !


We're working with the DGAC on revision 2 of the type certificate to get the IRIS+ approved.
The IRIS+ looks like a great enhancement of the 1st version and we can't wait to receive ours to try it out. Along with the Gopro 3, this is a great setup, looking more and more like a tool than a toy.

Working out of the box, easy to fly and carry, capable of 4K video and benefitting from all the features of the Pixhawk controller, no doubt the IRIS+ will be a great machine for numerous jobs.

With more lightweight sensors coming up (multispectral and thermal cameras, LIDARS, etc) the IRIS+ may also proves to be pretty versatile.

Now if Teradek or Paralinx could make a 4K, sub-milliseconde latency, lightweight wireless video transmitter... (providing that the GoPro does indeed output 4k over HDMI).

Here's a quick recap of S1, S2 & S3 scenarios :

Max altitude : 150 meters (490 feet)
Max horizontal distance from pilot : 100 meters (330 feet)
Max Take Off Weight : 25kg (55 lb)
Outside of urban areas
The pilot must maitain visual contact with the UAV at all time

Max altitude : 100 meters (330 feet)
Max horizontal distance from pilot : 100 meters (330 feet)
Max Take Off Weight : 25kg (55 lb)
Outside of urban areas
FPV flight allowed

Max altitude : 150 meters (490 feet)
Max horizontal distance from pilot : 100 meters (330 feet)
Max Take Off Weight : 4kg (8.8 lb)
Over urban areas (as defined by OACI maps)
The pilot must maitain visual contact with the UAV at all time

Max altitude : 150 meters (490 feet)
Max horizontal distance from pilot : unlimited
Max Take Off Weight : 2kg (4.4 lb)
Outside of urban areas
FPV Mandatory

french-drone-scenarios-english.png?width=750More informations about the scenarios can be found here (french) :

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DGAC "the french FAA" accepted the first APMcopter


After a year of darkness, with a lot of crashes and deceptions, we manage to build our lightweight frame and get our manufacturer licence from the DGAC.

In France, europe will probably apply the same rules, the uav with batteries and dslr, has to be less than 4kg alltogether to be authorized in town. Our goal was to get 1 kg payload with 15 min and a full control of the dslr. Our overpowered quad is 2580g with paraglide, and has an autonomy of 12 to 15min with 2*4S2100mah (418g). The gimbal can carry 1kg payload and all canon dslr are driven by dslrcontroller from the ground.

We had a 6 months disscussion with the dgac to prove them the safety of the apm firmware.

Done, DGAC accepted the first manufacturer with something that is not DJI or MK.

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped us.

Nicolas hebert



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