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retired mechanical engineer of 40 years and at 55 I am having the fun I so often missed when I was younger.I have several hobbies and pastimes amoungest them Sailing yachts and photography.I also like to play musical instruments and Sailboarding.For kicks I like to ride motorcycles but have not done this for a couple of years now.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have flown rc helicopters for about seven years now and have four main birds I fly regular. Beam E4 v2 450 ; Protos 500 original carbon plastic composite and Align 700E with a little Wasp 200 for indoor flying.I now have built a Simple-Copter from Matt Hall with Sunnysky 2210 980Kv motors and 20amp Afro esc's (the skinny ones with SimonK firmware) only 11grms and work fantastic,and just waiting for my Fat Sharks to arrive so I can start my FPV Era.


Aldershot UK and Now in Adelaide Australia

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Nobby Clarke replied to Ben's discussion No Heartbeat Packets Received with 3dr 915MHz modules
"Like you I get a full OSD on my goggles and both radios are working perfectly and I have checked the connections to each point of the three cable ends tried switching the tx-rx at the minim end APM end and NO info is yet to grace my screen.
Mar 18, 2015
Nobby Clarke replied to Jeroen Brosens's discussion 3DR Radio + MinimOSD = no MAVlink :-(
"Hello there I was having a mess of trouble trying to connect my apm2.6 with the minimosd both the traditional and the new micro and both are at the same point as you had with no mavlink infomation coming through from the APM but the mavlink…"
Mar 17, 2015
Nobby Clarke replied to Peter Chaffe's discussion new 3DR radio, connection problems
"Failing to enter "command" mode is a simple fix I have found ,you have to connect the remote radio (I think thats the problem one ?) by using your ftdi to pc adapter and then short out the pins explained in the 3DR APM site under optional…"
Mar 14, 2015
Nobby Clarke replied to u4eake's discussion APM 2.5 with NEO-6M ublox gps (not 3DR LEA-6)
"From my understanding their is no flash firmware update and if like me you acidently uploaded the 3DR apm 2.5 passthrough hex then their update txt file it screws up the Neo-6m badly!.However though I managed to get u-centre to give me the option to…"
Mar 10, 2015