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Love Quads, Novice pilot...

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I want to build a UAV quad / hex around arducotpter capabilites, so good payload, high reliability, low vibration and best possible efficiency / flight time.



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Philip Sulikosky replied to Julian Cohen's discussion Photography
"Sony NEX 5. Tougn. Good enough optics. Light. Controllable by RC SLED. Good HD video capability."
Apr 1, 2013
Philip Sulikosky replied to Dean Wynton's discussion Senate Bill 71 Oregon wants to outlaw drones... Sign the petition against this stupidity
"Seems to me like there are some bigger issues to deal with in the  US than this, but sadly, when politicians want to look important and decisive they resort to this kind of stuff,

Is it helpful or not helpful for non US citizens to sign the…"
Feb 9, 2013
Philip Sulikosky replied to Logan Bullock's discussion First time quad build
"Your list looks fine to me but you will need to match your prop to the motor and lipo. Turnigy motors have big quality control issues and you could easily end up with a crash due to a motor failure. Look at these Sunnysky motors, a few dollars more…"
Jan 5, 2013
Philip Sulikosky left a comment for Philip Sulikosky
"Well that did not work - my mistake try this. AIO%20Pro%20sset%20up.docx
As said this is for MPNG on AIOP. Its messy but follows a numeric order with images where relevant. The thread weaves between Multiwill and MPNG and I might have got confused…"
Oct 3, 2012
Philip Sulikosky left a comment for GIl Uriel
"Hi - have sent u a copy of the AIOP doc."
Oct 3, 2012
Philip Sulikosky posted a discussion
I live in a windy part of the planet, so stability in wind is the most important factor in successful AP for me.I have bought a used 700 T-Rex electric with Helicommand Profi  stabilisation, that I have never flown  - needs to be set up. I fly quads…
Sep 24, 2012
Philip Sulikosky replied to Stefan Gofferje's discussion Multi-rotor endurance factors? in ArduCopter User Group
"This is the best general info link I have found. Each part of design needs to be looked at in isolation, then as a whole. I am not an engineer, but I have a reasonable intuition as to how to get things to work and as you can see there are calcs and…"
Sep 17, 2012
Philip Sulikosky replied to Glenn M's discussion Crius ALL IN ONE PRO Flight Controller v1.0
"I have one, in process of PID tuning for 550 quad for megapirate. Seems like people are happy - most bugs are sorted. Some nice flying videos. Hard to beat for the money. Some issues with GPS but is sorted for the (RC Timer) UBLOX CNO6 and I think…"
Sep 12, 2012
Philip Sulikosky replied to Stefan Gofferje's discussion How to build a multi-rotor... in ArduCopter User Group
"Greetings T.Stefan, There will be joy - there will be despair.
Here is one of the best information resources I have found. it covers everything you will need inititally. I suggest you also check out the various individual build logs of interest to…"
Sep 11, 2012
Philip Sulikosky replied to Jake Bayless's discussion On Constructing Quad Frames... in ArduCopter User Group
"Interesting idea, what about lacing the rim using heavy nylon the same stuff as in tennis rackets, laced with some tensioner on one end, maybe even a heavy zip tie. Im no engineer but perhaps it would transmit less vibration and less chance of…"
Aug 20, 2012