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Ducted fan motors vs propellers??

Ducted fan UAVs maintain a higher payload to stored volume ratio. The vehicle can carry 4x the payload of a similar footprint fixed- or open-rotor UAV. 

I have heard different things online about ducted fans vs open wing proppellers. Some say they are

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How to get Griff 300 specs??

"The Griff 300 gets its name from the number of kilos it can lift and carry. Converted to U.S. measurements, the drone can lift up to 660 pounds, including the drone's own 165-pound weight. The drone can then fly with its cargo for 45 minutes, accord

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How to DIY a ground control station??

I'd like to DIY a ground control station compatible with DJI products.

Hard to find information out there on GCS's would really appreciate some help here.

Need to know what hardware goes into a ground control station. What kind of programming/software

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