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Spectrum DX8 Issue

My DX8 started to vibrate and make noise one evening with the power button in the OFF position.Enough noise to wake me up.Plugged the charger in and no difference. I had to remove the battery.Tried charging it the next day but the battery won't go pa

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The Need for Speed or Not

I was practicing and testing my 3DR quad on the weekend and I noticed I reach a speed over 5 m/s which is about 12 mph. I was going at a good clip especially from my ground level view. :)

I understand speed has many variables such as motors, weight, b

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What is a "Pilot"?

I have read many posts about safety which I definitely agree and many posts with flights near, over top and around people and buildings.The recent post about the "pilot" hitting the building and crash burn brings to the question what is a pilot?I'm n

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Can't leave the ground.

Good day,Tried my first test flight today without success.My goal for today was to hover in stabilized mode perhaps move around a little.HT-FPV frame10-47 propsAPM 2.5 with GPS and sonar2.7.3DX825 amp plush ESCDid the setup and calibration during the

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Can I bench test the Failsafe?

Good day,

I have completed the assembly and setup/calibaration of my first quadcopter,

Plan a test flight this weekend.


Failsafe action = 2.

DX8 - followed the post to calibrate the failsafe. Looks good.

On the bench, without props I noticed the mot

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Do I have to use ESC?

Good day,I'm using an Ardunio Mega with two motor controllers to drive each motor. I want to switch to an APM2 but do I have to replace the motor controllers with ESCs?The motor controllers only accept serial communication.Randy

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Optical Flow Sensor APM2.5?

Good day,The optical flow sensor document describes the setup for the APM2 but I have an APM2.5.How do I connect MISO, MOSI and SCLK to the APM2.5? I assume the analog connection remains the same.Thank youRandy

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