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RC hobbiest. Background in electronics.

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Anaheim, CA

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Rick Cyin replied to John Campen's discussion Brushless Gimbal setup using APM gimbal controler
"you could try this.
set gains for stabilization like(PID) to zero. but leave all the setting for RC as is, this way gimbal controller IMU won't do anything, connecting APM cam controller will control the gimbal now.
But I am looking for way to…"
Oct 29, 2013
Rick Cyin replied to hammad's discussion Programming ESC
"Look at this, it looks just like your programming card.
Oct 29, 2013
Rick Cyin replied to Kyle Mantesso's discussion Camera Gimbal Roll Issue
Did you set your servos in center(1500us) physically,
I have same gimbal from hk, that gimbal has really small physical limit, in your video I couldn't tell you connect to which rc port, you could use rc transmitter to trim it to center."
Oct 21, 2013
Rick Cyin left a comment for Kikeo
So how far are you at with the UAV project. Is it that where you are will allow you to play with the UAV stuff, your may be government suspicious of you for spying.
I play with quadcopter and FPV, some times I have travel to Laos and…"
Oct 21, 2013
Rick Cyin replied to Brian Boyle's discussion motor issues
"I had some what same problem and after one motor and esc, I noticed my transmitter throttle trim was half, after return my trim to zero and recalibrated esc every thing was fine. check out the issuses section don't connect USB after RC battery your…"
Jul 14, 2011
Rick Cyin replied to Rick Cyin's discussion flight modes stuck in pos3.
"Thanks Chris for replying.
I have attached few pictures, like my connection, and CLI screen shots.
On web instruction didn't mantion extra channel for Flight Modes switch input other then Autopilot control channel, should I need to connect Flight…"
Jun 19, 2011
Rick Cyin posted a discussion
Great community! I am just starting in this new hobby UAV/FPV, setting up APM for first time and stucking setting flight modes.I have already setup and connected my radio it seem went OK. because test radio I can see the changes in channel 1 - 4.…
Jun 19, 2011