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Cheap Trainers

I know you've all heard of the easy star but what do you think of these? Are any of these any good? I picked them because they look decent but don't cost as much as the easystar for starting off with plain old flying [drone comes next]. If you know about any of them or any better ones please comment! Thanks!-Rd=]j3club


yhst-17210252890263_2062_66591631Aerobird Swift RTF

31lLk%2BX3DxL._SL500_AA280_.jpgAerobird 3 RTF Electric

31o4Wxnfk4L._SL500_AA280_.jpgFirebird Commander 2 RTF Electric

31NV9VEYBCL._SL500_AA280_.jpgFirebird Freedom RTF Electric

31V5BX5ZPCL._SL500_AA280_.jpgAre any of these any good? I picked them because they look decent but don't cost as much as the easystar for starting off with plain old flying [drone comes next]. If you know about any of them or any better ones please comment!
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Wild Hawk Rtf

What does anyone think of the wild hawk [easystar clone] from exceed?Wild Hawk Picture:


Link to siteEasyStar Picture:


I'm thinking about trying one for now so I can get started flying but I wanted to ask what anyone thought and do some research before I make a decision. Feel free, no, please comment!=]-Rd;)
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RC Plane Prop Saver

RC Plane Prop Saver: I found this while researching the Super Cub and thought it might be usefull to those of you not flying EasyStars. :From: quote:"Michael Torrie created a really handy tool to save your RC plane’s propellers from a spinning death on impact. It’s called a prop saver and it’s based on the “elastic rules, static drules” principle. Read on for pictures and explanation:The following is a close-up picture of a prop saver:


It bolts on to your propeller shaft just like a normal propeller, with two hex nuts (which are barely visible on the left and right of the black plastic yoke). The black plastic yoke is made from an old propeller, with the blades cut off, and two screws drilled into it and, of course, coated with tape for good measure. The tape provides a little bit of friction when you slide the new prop on the top. You then attach your prop onto the tip of the yoke with a rubber band, securing it to the screws like this:


The prop sits on the tip of the yoke, swallowing it slightly. The rubber band holds it to the yoke and delivers the rotational force to the prop like a normal nut would, except with a bit more elasticity. That way, the prop’s blades don’t take the brunt of a crash, but rather the rubber band, as this picture shows:


That’s one safe prop! You’d have to crash it pretty hard to break it, in which case the prop will be the cheapest repair you’ll make.This approach observes the “elastic rules, static drules” principle by allowing the prop to give a bit, rather than statically absorbing impact forces. This same principle applies to just about every component that break easily."
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Easy Cub; Where to get?

Is this plane:


Link:[scroll down to Roberto's comment.]The same as this one?:


Link: this one with a different paint job?:


Link: like the first one and think it would make a great airframe but I am confused as to where to find it; roberto calls it a "multiplex Easy Cub (1600mm wingspan)" but google turns up more than one different aircraft. Could someone please clarify for me?-thanks -rd .
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Diablo EDF Jet Trainer

This looks like a nice plane and there are upgrades available to make it even nicer:Amazon: [cheaper][More info and upgrades] on Youtube: [cool] with motor on top: [cooler]
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Long Range Radio Questions

Does anybody know what wattage [how powerfully] I can legally transmit without any sort of liscence?On what Channels?btw, a radio works by grounding the antenna to the middle wire on a pnp transistor correct?So I could use two transitors to build a simple amp?Like this?:_______New ant.______________________I_______________________+ --[I]-- - GND________________ ^__________________________ ^ <---------------WIRE____________ ^___________________________ ^_______________+Volts + --[I}--^ -______________________I_______________________RC ant.___________-The underlines are used to hold the spaces.Thanks-R.Drone ;)
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Radio for sale:

What does anyone think of this radio: Radio Control 4 Channel FM Transmitter Perfect for Helicopter and Airplane4 Channel R/C Set included, complete Left/ Right, Up/ Down Control ( RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR AND THROTTLE. Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor / Backyard / Park ( 500 sqft area )Includes:One 4 Channel FM Transmitter w. Tx Battery holderOne ReceiverOne Crystal SetOne Receiver Battery Box w/ BEC connectorTwo 9 Gram ServosOne Switch HarnessOne Tx AntennaBattery HolderRequires: 8 AA batteriesRegular price: $99.95Sale price: $44.95It looks good to me and very affordable. What does every one else think?Link:
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A bored teen's project:

Hi, I'm a bored teen living in south Georgia; so how's that different from any other teen? Well, I'm bored because what they teach us n school here is stuff I've known for a long time for the most part sooo I was looking around at airplanes online thinking about building a UAV and I came across this site after a while I got permission from my parents to use this site and here I am. I just posted some pictures of my custom airframe I am building and some electronics gear I could hack. I am a noob to real rc models (you know brushless motors and servos and stuff) the only real experience I have is the lego robotics system and messing with junked electonics and stuff. I was wondering if any one could answer the following questions:1. Has anyone launched an NXT or RCX using an all electric aircraft?2.Should I use the monster-truck rc unit to save money or buy a new one?(it is old so it is not proportional)3.Do you have to use a brushless and brand new battery?(could I use the one pictured)4.Could I build a magnetic sensor for the rcx or nxt?5. Does anyone have any comments questions or ideas for me?Here is a link to my pictures:

for some reason it stopped working so here is the page:,-Robert Drone:)
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