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Weight, Flight Times, Set-ups, Tips

Hello All,

This is a subject that is touched upon over and over and I think it would be helpful if others could upload their Y6 weight, Fully Loaded, Average Flight times, What's been added from stock(Gimbals, Cameras Transmitters) and any Tips they h

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APM and BlinkM Max

Hello Everyone,

I've been using a blinkM mini as an external LED to indicate "armed or disarmed" on my APM 2.6.

I would like to use a blinkM Max for the same purpose but the blinkM max draws way too much current for the APM so what I would like to know

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Stripped Motor Threads

3691089338?profile=originalI have a couple of motors and the mounting threads started to become stripped. I used the little aluminum "+" brackets that come with the motors in place of the fiber board discs that come in the 3D Robotics Y6 kit. Because they can mount flush, you

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Y6 Yaw

Hello Everyone.

I have converted my hexacopter over to Y6 and simultaneously updated to the latest firmware.

APM 2.5

I am having an issue where any yaw command causes the copter to dip and veer in the commanded direction in stead of rotating on a horizo

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3DR Hexa Gimbal connection. Stumped!

Hello Everyone,

Is anyone using the optional gimbal kit with the 3DR UDrones Hexa B?

I have run into a wall on this.

I have read and reread the PDF many times on hooking this thing up.

The problem is that I am getting brown outs on A11. Not surprising af

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Sharing Components with Trainer Quad

Does anyone know of a decent micro-Quad that I could as a trainer? Yes, I see many but.......

I already purchased an Ardu hex (I don't want to fly it until I feel confident with something simpler) 

I also purchased the telemetry kit and Spektrum DX8. C

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