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Starting with an ArduCopter


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Steven Thompson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Warning from the LAPD--do not use UAVs commercially!
"So what happened with the writ of habeas corpus and every man’s home is his castle and you know, the Constitution?
I've invited someone take pictures of my home by a remote device and that's illegal?
That's just stupid."
Jan 29, 2012
Steven Thompson commented on Alex's blog post Futaba T14 Mz Mode configuration for all 6 modes
"Notice that my T14 had some different screens then Alex's so I updated the firmware.
Here are the instructions for anyone that is hunting for them.
I found the software updates easily enough off…"
Jan 27, 2012
Steven Thompson commented on Shannon Morrisey's blog post How Fast Can You Fly Without Crashing?
"Well there's your problem!!!"
Jan 21, 2012
Steven Thompson replied to bergsprekken's discussion power out to receiver when only on usb?
"Put the copter and xbee within a foot of each other and you should get telemetry while on USB power only."
Jan 9, 2012
Steven Thompson replied to Steven Thompson's discussion Unable to run the ESC calibrations.
"I updated the firmware to 2.1 via Ardupilot Mega Planner and the ESC calibration now works as advertised. Still no first flight but working on it..."
Jan 3, 2012
Steven Thompson posted a discussion
Any hints?  Is the procedure missing anything? I can arm the motors and spin it up but it wants to flip.Safety first - Remove props!Disconnect USBPut the throttle high and connect the Lipo to power the APMWhen the APM boots the lights will cycle…
Jan 2, 2012
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Dec 31, 2011