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Strike Eagle III replied to Wilhelm Matilainen's discussion Serial to UDP or TCP in Telemetry over cellular IP
"@Wilhelm - this is great.  This could be really useful for connecting offboard control to a sim.  Any chance you can re-post the contents of your blog here?  or did all it have were the commands? An explanation of what the above commands do would be…"
Sep 28, 2016
Strike Eagle III commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post US drone registration rules to be announced today (Monday)
"I think this whole thing (including the "near miss" report) shows the mass incompetence of the FAA. This is purely a knee-jerk reaction because they don't know what else to do.  I have no intention of registering anything--the FAA can go Foxtrot…"
Dec 14, 2015
Strike Eagle III replied to Serge Gonzales's discussion APM 2.5 Boot Up Throttle Problem in ArduPlane User Group
"We have a Bixler 2 with a DX7 transmitter with an AR7000 receiver (no satellite) and have the same issue.  Setting the throttle trim to minimum seems to prevent the constant spinning on startup, however every now and then it still spins briefly on…"
Nov 7, 2012
Strike Eagle III replied to William Premerlani's discussion Wind estimation without an airspeed sensor
"Hi - this is pretty cool.  In your wind estimation file, you mention that implementation will be described in a different report.  Is that report posted somewhere?"
Oct 24, 2012
Strike Eagle III commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How to contribute to the ArduPilot/ArduCopter project
"I'm in a flight dynamics course now and as a class we're trying to see if there's a way to contribute to the APM code - we're going through the code now to see how it works, etc. Is there by chance already sort of a map to the software (or…"
Oct 3, 2012
Strike Eagle III commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New Orleans cancels plans for Super Bowl drone after press inquiries
"So what's the difference in being under surveillance by a manned aircraft vs. an unmanned aircraft?  Seems to me like you're being watched either way... 
As far as worrying about if a motor fails, could you imagine if the Wright Brothers or any…"
Sep 29, 2012
Strike Eagle III left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"@Lorenz - I think there are bigger issues with using HIL simulation for gain tuning such as imperfections in the physics / aerodynamics models employed by X-plane and imperfections in the model of your airplane in X-plane.  They are probably good…"
Sep 17, 2012
Strike Eagle III commented on Felix Meissner's blog post setting up 6 different flight modes on a Spektrum DX7 using just one channel
"I've never used a DX7 before, but I followed the instructions and it works great.  I'd like to use the elevator D/R switch instead of the rudder switch since the elevator D/R switch and the flap switch are right next to each other.  In the step…"
Sep 8, 2012
Strike Eagle III commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Important note for APM 2.5 users: if you're not using an enclosure, cover your baro sensor!
"Good info--I just ordered and received 2 APM 2.5s. So if I understand correctly, I can get 2 enclosures free of charge (ones designed for the 2.5)?"
Sep 4, 2012
Strike Eagle III commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post How to hack the PPM signal from any receiver (Futaba) with Arduino
"You don't by chance know if there's a similar hack for Spektrum (or Spektrum compatible) receivers do you?"
Aug 17, 2012
Strike Eagle III commented on PX4's blog post Introducing the PX4 autopilot system
"Hi - I'm trying to evaluate different autopilot platforms (APM 2.5 vs PX4 vs Paparazzi and maybe APM 3?).  Couple questions:
The PX4 Autopilot platform overview view just says "video is private" when I try to view it. I'm signed in, but what else do…"
Aug 2, 2012
Strike Eagle III posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
I'm interested in comparing different open source autopilots such as the APM 2.5, the PX4 or any of the Paparazzis. Has anyone already done a similar comparison?  Where's the best place for hardware technical information for APM 2.5 or PX4? (for…
Jul 31, 2012
Strike Eagle III commented on Gordon's blog post Mode Switch Setup for Turnigy 9x with ER9x Firmware
"This is awesome! Thanks! I noticed as well that er9x no longer has a MAX source on the mixer, but it looks like HALF does the same thing.

Once I got the radio set up the way instructed here, I made the following modifications--
- Changed the switch…"
Jul 30, 2012
Strike Eagle III commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Arduino debugging tips
"Angela - I haven't resolved my issue.  Based on one of your earlier comments, I looked at the soldering job of the 2560 chip itself and it doesn't look the greatest either however I don't see any obvious bridges or defects.  I need to get a…"
Oct 29, 2011
Strike Eagle III commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Arduino debugging tips
"The instructions for loading software need updated pretty badly.  I hate to be critical, but I've tried following the instructions very explicitly only to find out for whatever reason the Mission Planner can't upload firmware to my board (I ordered…"
Oct 15, 2011