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omg like things fly and then crash wtf uknow?

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TheSlanderer commented on John Campen's blog post Using 240v to 12v power supply to run small quad for indoor testing.
"@Jack Crossfire:The power rating on PSUs is more complex than that. First, the 1000W rating is the sum of the maximum power of all of the separate voltage rails added up. Second, 1000W PSUs are notorious for being unable to meet their specs, unless…"
Aug 16, 2012
TheSlanderer replied to Marco Robustini's discussion ArduCopter 2.7 Released!
"I tested this yesterday, and noticed that sometimes that on powerup, my ESCs were beeping, and none of the status LEDs on the APM 2.0 are on. Multiple attempts at power cycling required to fix this--no idea why. Anyone else see this?

Also, although…"
Jul 26, 2012
TheSlanderer replied to James's discussion LEDs (big, serious LEDs) brightness control
"You're right about those LEDs--they have resistors in series, and are wasting most of the energy. As such, using an external buck regulator isn't a good option--it will require >12 V in order to put 50mA through the LED + resistor.

Your best bet is…"
Jun 1, 2012
TheSlanderer replied to Michele's discussion apm2 and MPU6050 DMP... question?
"Anyone know if there is some reason why the DMP code can't be released as a closed-source library?"
May 25, 2012