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regon of interst from position ?

Hi   developers

                     I use pixhawk for Arial photography and was wondering if it is possible to program region of interest into position hold? 

I would like it to work like this in flight piont camera at subject , then use switch on Tx

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random twitching / flips


     I am using  an apm2.6 and experiencing odd twitches to full flips .(in stabilize mode)

looking at the logs pitch/roll in seems steady but roll is up to 180degs on  one fatel flip.

this all seems to have happened after flying into a bush ! stall

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blown telemenery port (uart)? on 2.5 board

Hi All

         I think my telemetry port may be damaged.

I tried to set up a minim osd but i failed to understand the wiring correctly.

this worked ok when powered from the usb link

however when i connected the main lipo battery   (camera and Tx 12v  fr

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