Pittsboro, NC

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In rotary and fixed wing rc for 35 years

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Want to get into either a quad or hex for camera platform



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Tom Evans replied to Eric Fether's discussion *HELP* APM 2.5+ Not Connecting to Mission Planner
"I'm having the exact same problem!!  I can successfully upload the 2.9.1. firmware but I cannot connect Mavlink. I've tried all of the "tricks" you listed (i..e. battery first then usb etc.) nothing helps.  I sure wish someone from the dev team…"
Mar 30, 2013
Tom Evans replied to Frank Al's discussion Balancing propellors and motors
"WOW Frank
Great Idea.  I'm following this post but please make sure to include me for any "kits" you may make available!! :-)"
Dec 3, 2012
Tom Evans replied to harin sanghirun's discussion Radio Calibration Problem Turnigy 9X
"In my limited experience I've noticed that as I increase throttle the blue led flashes faster.  It's possible you will need to "reverse" the throttle control in the 9X.  APM will not arm at any throttle setting other than low/off. Also rudder/yaw…"
Jul 24, 2012
Tom Evans posted a discussion
Hi GuysI been having trouble getting my apm1 to connect with the MP. Just upgraded to 1.1.75 this am but I'm still having this issue. However I've found that with 1.1.75 if I "wake up" the apm with the terminal mode, MP with then connect in the…
Apr 25, 2012
Tom Evans posted a discussion
Everything was A-OK with communications between MP 1.1.71 and my APM V1. Though this has happened before I went ahead and clicked on "update" when I started the MP this morning and now I can no longer communicate with Hexa in any mode except…
Apr 22, 2012
Tom Evans replied to Tomas Soedergren's discussion Questions about Hit Rad and some parameters
"I have similar questions!! Hit Rad and Yaw Avg are mysteries to me right now.  I've tried to fly a mission with my Hexa and found that the waypoints were obtained very "loosely" with lots of wandering about. Similarly it seems that the Hexa yawed to…"
Apr 19, 2012
Tom Evans commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM Mission Planner now has a proper installation utility!
"Micheal O is a programming GOD!!! The MP in all it's forms is a work of programming art and tech. I'm a really big fan
Apr 11, 2012
Tom Evans posted a discussion
Here's a bit of frustration that I just can't seem to figure out. I was making great progress with my hexa and APM v2.4 and MP 1.1.48 -- no issues. Then I got a message in MP saying there was an upgrade so I clicked yes and got 1.1.54 installed.  At…
Mar 21, 2012
Tom Evans replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.5 released!
"HI Guys
I have a DIYdrones hexa with the 850Kv motors.  I just upgraded to MP 1.1.53 and loaded my APM1 with version AC2.5.  Now the APM can no longer connect with the mission planner in any way other than "Firmware" and "Terminal". Directly…"
Mar 18, 2012
Tom Evans posted a discussion
Has anyone had trouble with the newest 20a esc's getting them to "calibrate". I'm unable to get the described "tones" on hi throttle and cannot enter program mode as per the included instruction sheet --- help!Other than actually making the motors…
Mar 12, 2012