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need help for auto landing function APM2.5

I am progressing to the flight phase of my skywalker set up and interested in adding auto landing function. the flight mode wiki does not contain details about auto landing function. Does anyone complete writing the script for this feather??

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new to use APM2.5 with rx/tx question

Hi I have just finished assemble my skywalker with APM2.5 and ground tested. From the wiki setting up manual is using 3 position sw. for manual/auto switching from a radio but now I am using Futaba T6J which have a 2 position sw. How can I set this f

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calculation of waypoints for aerial survey

I know some basic of aerial photograph for mapping and survey but I 'd like to know if there is a fomula to calculate waypoints in function of airplane height, track spacing, area coverage etc. Where can I find sources to guide me for this formula? T

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power generator attached to engine

Hi, I am seeking more information about power generator which will be attached to airplane angine to provide power supply for electrical component in the UAV.

where can I find about manufacturers or distributor of these generators? any suggestion abou

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