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Glider Thrust Torque Problem

 I have made a balsa glider with following specification:

Aerofoil : Clark X

Dihedral Wing (2m)

Pusher Configuration .

Rudder and Elevator

I m facing a problem of thrust torque , As I increase throttle, bird goes leftwards . So to correct this i trimmed m

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Baud rate of GPS

Hi all , i have little doubt in changing GPS Baud rate. Currently its working in binary SIRF protocol in 57600 baud rate.. I would like to change it into 19200 baudrate. So i made few changes in 2.0.1 code and tested it but failed to get the GPS lock

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Changing the Ardupilot 2.1

Hi all, i m ready for the ground test.Before starting i would like to clarify few things here..I dont have Z sensor and air speed sensors soofcourse no throttle control then also... I was ok with version 2.0 but since i would like to add the config u

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Ardupilot with ground station and camera

Hi all i would like to set up ground station with camera zooming capability since i was short of uart's so the better option will be this one what do you think.... will it make the solution ... I have already got all this stuff but wants to verify be

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