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Photogrammetry: Strange Question

This is kind of a strange question for this group, but here goes.

I want to use an old ArduPilot Mega 2.0 I had never used and I want to use it to capture images for photogrammetry from a manned aircraft.

So I would like to use the Mission Planner and

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APM Plane Camera

Can the current offering of the APM: Plane accommodate a modification to use a camera (such as a Canon PowerShot) as a payload shooting straight down? 

The pictures for this product appear to only show a forward looking camera, more suitable to FPV.


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Initial State of IMU APM 2

Q1a:What is the required initial state of the IMU chip on start?

Q1b:Does it need to be static (not moving) or can it be booted up while in motion?


Q2: how many Gs can t he IMU take before failure?





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Magnetometer Config Question

Hi all,

New to this but need help to get my head around something:

Hardware A:
Say i was to use the APM 1 (or APM2) with a Magnetometer. It would be used to control an aerial platform (plane, quad, heli) it doesnt really matter. Lets call this Hardware

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