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Daughter Board connections got loose!

I've already noticed that my GPS light won't come on at times last week, so I re-seat the daughter board and solder up the power pins.  Today, my heli did some sudden 90 degree yaw turns.  I later looked at the tlog, and there were no mx,my,mz data.

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450 Mounting Positions - Lot of Pics

Since my heli was grounded, I had a lot of bench time in the last few days.  Let's show the progression of where I have it mounted.  


My original design:


My daughter said that it looked too "wirey".  I kinda agree. 

Few crashes later, took them all apa

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My Heli Suicided

Just finished moving the APM2 to under the heli like how people do with their APM1.  Test flew it the first time, it seemed highly sensitive.  Well, just updated APM Planner to 1.1.79 as well.  Not sure if it has anything to do with that.  Or maybe j

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Any way to enable the ESC by APM2?

My goal is to have the heli RTL when the signal is lost.  Since the ESC is directly connected to the receiver, when signal is lost, the ESC would power down.  Anyway to get ESC to be controlled by the APM2?  My plan is to have the ESC running in gove

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What does it do?  I just updated the APM Planner to 1.1.77 and it changed the TRIM_THROTTLE from 425 to 531.  I just started to re-tune my PID and throttle hold went first.  Bam!  The heli hit right to the ground in a split second as soon as I switch

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YES! Position Hold!

Finally got a good weather day that fall into a weekend.  I went to my daughter's school's parking lot to try to tune my heli today.  With enough room and let the heli freely roaming around, I've concluded that the heli is going to drift unpredictabl

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