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Landing and Sonar

Yesterday I did some testing of sonar.

I see that sonar altitude isn't smooth - it is understandable, as the ground isn't flat (I was flying over grass and small bushes). That implies nervous jumping of my hexa when flying on low altitude.

I think, tha

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Log analyze

Today I was flying my hexa without telemetry. Now I want to see some details from my flights, but I don't know how. I've successfully exported logs from APM and I have *.log, *.log.gpx and *.kmz files.

I can open kmz in Google Earth, but I don't know

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Compas declination

I've tried to use auto compass declination and manual with value (+4deg) from website, but direction displayed on MP was still not right. So I've put some experimental value (-5deg) with which my copter becomes to point right direction (according to

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Simple mode question/problem.

I wanted to test simple mode, but I don't understand how it works, or it is not working. I've hexacopter with AC 2.7.1, I've checked "Simple mode" checkboxes at all flight modes, but I don't see any change: it works exactly like without simple mode c

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How to check GPS aware flight modes ?

Is there any way, to test Loiter, RTL, Auto modes without flying ?

I've tested Stabilize, Alt-hold and Land modes, and they are working well. But when I switched to loiter, my copter tried to run-away very fast.

I'm afraid to make it again, so I'd like

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Yaw tuning

My hexacopter flies in stabilize mode very well on default parameters, the only small problem is with yaw control. First of all YAW response jest very weak in comparison to roll and pitch. Next, yaw forces copter to climb. One full rotation changes a

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Pitch direction

If I connect APM to mission planner on RC calibration screen, my elevation stick works as expected: if I move to front, that bar goes up.

But when I'm trying to fly my hexacopter, it works in opposite way: If I move it to front, my copter go back, so

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