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flight in stable mode

My quadcopter seems stable at upto 0.5m but when i give more throttle its very touchy and over 1m its drifting a bit,also it seems like it just gets more and more height and that it either goes down or up. Is this normal so you just have to practice

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altitude hold with barometer

Im a bit confused about altitude hold, its said you can do it with the barometer and not necessarily the gps. But how /what mode do you activate altitude hold to use barometer? Is it just gps hold but without gps it uses the barometer?

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center stick value

Hi, did the first flight today, it was very nice. I noticed that it drifted a bit even when the right stick was centered. Also noticed that in configurator it seems the value is right below center, is that normal or should I adjust my transmitter cen

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configurator saving

Followed the wiki on the first setup using the configurator. After doing the tranceiver configuration turning all the sticks and finding all the buttons I try to click the "Save" button on the little dialog that stayed up but after a couple of second

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calibrating the esc's from the kit


I have the arducopter kit from fahpah and I tried to calibrate the esc. First I plugged the esc into the throttle channel of the receiver and turned on the tx and set it to full throttle. Then plugged in the battery and the motor started to beep.

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battery charging

My battery specifies 28C, how many amps should my charger be set at? I have a thunder t6 charger and i set it to 3S and the default 0.1A.


Also, if anyone else has this charger could you tell me what the number displayed at the lower right counting up

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quadcopter set, questions

So Ive put together the apm and shield but I havent put together the frame yet because I feel like i should test the board first. And im wondering whats the next step now, is it possible to connect the apm+shield with usb to the computer and test the

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