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david.collett replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion APM:Plane 2.74 released
"Hi Tridge,
Are there any caveats with using this release on the older APM1.4 hardware?

Jul 20, 2013
david.collett replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.67 released
"Hi Tridge,
Some receivers (such as frsky D4R-II and D8R) output rx RSSI as PWM on one of their regular servo output pins (once the rx has been put into PPM mode, freeing the pins up), would it be possible to support such receivers?

e.g. if RSSI_PIN…"
Nov 28, 2012
david.collett replied to John_NY's discussion MediaTek GPS or OilPan Problem
Note that when you connect an MTK GPS (with DIYDrones firmware) to an APM, the APM instructs it to switch to a more compact binary protocol rather than NMEA and the output stream will no longer be legible in a serial console. It's possible that…"
Jul 14, 2012
david.collett replied to Dirk's discussion Plane starts pumping while descending. Altitute oscillations
"Hi Dirk,
It's probably "Servo Pitch PID" that is too high.

I'd suggest you may wish to reset the arudupilot and start again with the default settings following this page to tune the PID's in:…"
Jun 18, 2012
david.collett replied to IronStone's discussion Flight mode 6 not changeable / locked in APM mission planner ?
Mode 6 is not changeable because at that setting (>1750ms PWM pulse-width), a hardware manual override is invoked and chan 1-4 are passed straight to the servos and not into the APM at all. I understand this is done within the PWM encoder,…"
Jun 4, 2012
david.collett replied to david.collett's discussion Airspeed sensor influence on FBW_A
"A quick look at Attitude.pde suggests that the servo pids *do* need re-tuning as the servo output is scaled based upon what speed info the APM has.
When there is no airspeed sensor, it uses the throttle servo output as an indicator, when there is an…"
May 9, 2012
david.collett posted a discussion
Hi All,I have tuned my APM (without airspeed sensor) in a Skywalker for good FBW_A flight according to the documentation. Roll control is crisp, maintains ~45% on full-stick and doesn't lose altitude. I have also done a number of AUTO missions…
May 8, 2012
david.collett posted a discussion
Hi All,I'm pretty new to DIY drones, having had about a dozen or so flights now with my APM in a Skywalker.Currently I don't have  a data radio (xbee) so I setup my missions prior to takeoff with APM Planner over USB.On my last mission I wanted to…
Apr 5, 2012