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MAVproxy dosnt connect

I have been trying to connect with the pixhawk using MAVproxy in order to control quadrotor through CLI.

But I am facing problems in connecting to the pixhawk using MAVproxy.

As son as I try to connect, the pixhawk doesnt revert any details (appears as

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Compiling ardupilot for PIXHAWK


I am diving into the ArduCopter code for my project. I am curious how the Arducopter repository is compiled for specific hardware (whether its APM or PIXHAWK). When I look at the Arducopter repositories, I come across lot of .pde (arduino specif

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PID tuning using LABVIEW

After gaining experience on arducopter i am working with my new quadrotor platform ie ASCTEC PELLICAN .

 i m integrating sonar instead of barometric pressure sensor for altitude hold . I want to tune the pid loop using labview ( not just be reading gr

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