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Build RC controlled drones in college, would like to build UAS with autopilot system, fixed wing. Want to learn more about various autopilot systems and which is best for my needs.



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rony posted a discussion
Hi, I currently have one 22.2 V 6 cell 10,000 mAh battery but on mounting the cam; i get only 6-8 minutes of flight time. I was looking at upgrading the battery; however my search i can not find a bigger one. Is there a more powerful battery than a…
Jan 22, 2015
rony posted a discussion
Hi Is  there any way to know what is the bandwidth of telemetry communication for 3dr radio on pixhawk. thank you
Oct 9, 2014
rony replied to Darrel Maddy's discussion Pixhawk flight modes not recognised in Mission planner setup
"Hi there, I am having the same issue, i am trying to set up the flight modes but i can not get it to work. 
I have a calmato trainer (fixed wing aircraft) with pixhawk. I went through radio calibration but i do not know how to set up auto-manual…"
Sep 18, 2014
rony replied to rony's discussion No power to servo; no output from pixhawk
"I finally got it; i put a 5V NiCd battery directly into the aux of the pixhawk and did manual calibration for ESC; now throttle, aileron, rudders and elevators work excellent. 
but does any one know how to make a flaperon configuration; in normal…"
Sep 14, 2014
rony replied to rony's discussion No power to servo; no output from pixhawk
what is a BEC? can i buy it online and do i just connect it; can i connect a normal ni-cd battery to the any free servo outputs ? I have a NiCd that gives me 5-5.5 V. 

Also I read that 6cell batteries are not suitable for pixhawk; should i buy…"
Sep 14, 2014
rony posted a discussion
Hi i am using a calmato 60 trainer with an electric motor connector, I am trying to put a pixhawk into this system but i can not get any power to the servos. I am using a 2.4 Ghz spectrum with a JR DSX 11; I connected aileron (right), elevator,…
Sep 14, 2014
rony left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"Hi guys, I can not download HIL for ardupilot; however,  i can download ardupilot for helicopters; please see the forum post i made on the issue ;http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/pixhawk-set-up-problems
can anyone please help me, i am stuck because…"
Sep 13, 2014
rony posted a discussion
Hi everyone, I searched the web but could not find how to connect a lipo battery to 3dr power unit. It must be very simple i have no clue. I have a pixhawk and want to connect to power my small drone. I have attached pictures of my battery and 3dr…
Aug 12, 2014