Jack Roush Crash In Oshkosh Tues

I know it's not UAV related but we're all aviavtion buffs.

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  • And kindly pick your way through the wreckage to the terminal.

    Thank you for flying oshkosh airways.

    Have a "nice " day....

    lol...we are naughty!....
  • Moderator
    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Oshkosh, please stay seated until I switch off the seatbelt sign and remember to take all personnel belongings with you.
  • Moderator
    Terrific action shot!

    Even more interesting than the TMZ ones.

    Thanks for sharing, Doc.
  • Heres the next pic in the sequence!

    Coutesy of a friend...

    apparently fear is brown and adrenalyn smells....

  • Moderator
    Jack is getting up there in age... he had a really baaad week!

    Actually one of his cars did win at Pocono the next weekend, but he had to watch from his bed at the Mayo Clinic.
  • Dude, if you stall something like that while pulling an abort landing then it's time to hang it up I think!
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