The balance...

It´s all about weight. It´s now about 5,6 kg (without fuel). After further weight reduction I hope to reach a total of 6 but not more than 6,3 kg. The engine provides 14,4kg of thrust at approx. 130.000rpm but is loosing about 45% of it passing the tubes.

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    @ Neil,

    +1 . " Curved"  is what my Noob brain says too?

    @ Julius,

    Nice piece of machine there

    noob Question,

    Do the tubes turn/ change the direction of exhaust using some hidden servo there or they are fixed like that?

    Are those wing like aluminum support on both sides hollow with hot air directed/ducted at tips?  I see the alu hot air Box/reservoir in the center with 4 nozzles attached to these  but can't see if the wings too are boxed? If No then why those wings? Are these just skeleton supports for wings?

  • I can't tell what's going on from those images, but you may be able to save a bit of power by crossing the pipes and keeping the ducting itself as long and as curved as possible, those sharp corners are killing power.
  • The engine provides 14kg thrust, The tubing cost around 45-55% of power :(. I hope to reduce the loss by bypassing cold air with injectors and come below 40% loss. Unfortunately, no CAD modelling available as the general disign had to be changed many times to reach current rates. The ground runs shows true power at around 6-7kg so there is still a lot to do for me:)

  • Wonder how much thrust you would gain with mandril bent tubing.

  • Do you have a CAD model or some basic sizes,?

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    Is this meant to be Harrier jump jet like stuff?!  Very interesting to see it work.

  • Wow heat, that is neat any idea of the flight time?

  • I'm sure if you get them a full fire suit and hand them a fire extinguisher they will be much more comfortable with filming for you.

    Speaking of Binford, episode of Tool Time with jet auxillary power unit powered lawn tractor comes to mind.

  • As nobody accepts to assist my previous starts (don´t ask me why) I was too busy to avoid the rig from blowing so unfortunately no usable video clips available. it´s now a question of weeks to provide one!

  • AHAHA so freaking cool! video plz!

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