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A quad with everything for less than $100


HobbyKing's done it again. Check out this deal: their mini-quad with four motors for $33.95! (Or $31.95 if you just let your browser sit open on that page for a few minutes). 

All you need to add to make a RC quad (in addition to your regular RC system and LiPo batteries) is:

That's $90 all told.  Now, in fairness, this is a pretty crappy little frame and it won't last past a crash or two. I also wouldn't expect too much outside in the wind. But what a great way to get started! 

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  • I would definitely steer away from a wooden frame like this one. It doesn't look very robust, in addition, excessive vibration could lead to the whole frame coming apart. 

  • Yeah, that'll work, if it ever comes out of BK.

    I have this one myself:


    But, ArduCopter code is now using CH7 for more option selection, so if you want to be ready for that get at least 7 channels.

  • Thanks, Ihave the files, now waiting on the parts that are backordered to become available. I don't have a radio yet, would something like this cheapy here work? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__15140__Hobby_King_2_4Ghz...

    IF not then what kind do I need. First time trying any of this so the simpler the better.

  • You can also get the Minsoo (Korean) version.  His firmware is very stable:


    Also hobbyking has their firmware under the files section of their 168 board:

    Xcopter firmware

    This domain may be for sale!
  • Hello ringo.davis,

      You can get the firmware from here. http://www.kkmulticopter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=...


    This domain may be for sale!
  • I ordered the stuff mentioned above, but where so I get the files for the KK controller board? I asked HObbyking a week ago and no response.


  • HK now has a Youtube video with a complete setup in action. I think the video gives a fairly good indication of the quality of the quadcopter.

  • I agree to Sgt Ric....

    Also I was not saying that sUAS's don't belong in the NAS and have no Civil application. I believe that they do need to have Civil uses and that they should be allowed. however, at this point in time you cannot use the for commercial use. Once the FAA regulates it then we will have a home in the NAS as Civil operators for hire. 


  • This is your read, not my intention as I made it clear.

  • Moderator

    Even after rereading your original post several times and now your "clarification", I still think it sounds like a disrespectful slam.


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