DJI INSPIRE 1 in Action

DJI's New Inspire 1 - Reviewed by Octofilms

H style frame

Be able to fold each side of the H frame around the body for an easier transportation mode

Larger than the DJI Phantom 2 and looks almost larger than the Flamewheel 550

Possible 4K camera

3 axis gimbal

Possible built in FPV monitor in the remote control of the quadcopter utilizing DJI’s high definition Lightbridge system

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  • Man, I'm really on the fence with the Inspire 1, and DJI in general. If someone could build a slightly overpowered S900 Pixhawk with 3-axis stabilized, unobstructed 360 4K video, HD FPV, Lightbridge-equivalent range, in-flight camera mode and ISO adjustment, dual-operator with twin custom Tx, with optical flow, radar, and battery monitoring and a fully-loaded flight time well over 15 minutes (flight-tested,in a custom case, naturally), I will gladly hand over my $4,500.

    Of course that can't be done. For the price, I don't see how you could match the Inspire's capabilities at anywhere near the cost, especially with DJI Intelligent Orientation Control on the way to make up a bit for shortcomings. I wish it could be done, and I'm ready to be convinced, but otherwise I'll likely be investing in one of these soon.

    I will keep my IRIS+ for autonomous missions, especially mapping, because it's awesome, and APM is awesome. But if I really want good video and photos but something short of an $8-10k rig, I'm pretty sure it's the Inspire.

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  • It`s just clever not to fly directly next to roads.. In case anything goes wrong with your copter - you most likely wont crash into traffic. How hard can it be, walk 500foot?

  • @ Paul Okelly: Responsible people here in the US operate r/c aircraft in formal settings (AMA club fields) and legal but informal places (parks, public lands, private property), all adjacent to or very near roads and highways. Most of us operate automobiles (gasp!) with which we get to where we are going to fly.That means there's a road right there, busy or otherwise.  A Nanny State might prefer that we backpack our aircraft into the far wilderness where we would be out of range of anything and anybody. Yep, can't be spooking those twitchy trucks! Let's remove all other possible distractions from the roadsides while we're at it. No bicycles, dogs, cats ... hmm, then there's wildlife ... looks like the solution might be a 12 foot high fence on both sides of every road and street... nope, too expensive. The only thing left to do is just shut down all roads, streets and highways, thery're just too dangerous. It worked just fine before the Romans imported those things anyway!     

  • You simply cannot get most of the spares for a Phantom let alone this piece of kit. I expect the reason you are still only getting a fish eye lens is because anything longer would have totally unacceptable jello. 

    For not much more money you could treat yourself to a S 900 frame with a Pixhawk and then add a Walkera 3axis for the Sony RX100 111 and you would have a proper machine that shoots proper footage. 

  • When you add Lightbridge to a Phantom 2 Vision+ V3 the price is about $2500 or $400 short of the Inspire. So, I don't get the "cost too much" that people are saying. For $400 you get a 360 gimbal, retractable gear, 4K cam, sdk, two controller multicopter. Oh and everything totally integrated with some new cool software and enhanced safety features.

    The downside is probably repairs if you crash.

    The other downside is that there is no shortage of nitwits that will push the envelope of safety. To DJIs credit, they have a keep out zone for major airports. But almost 3 kilos cracking you on the head cannot have a happy ending.

  • Does anyone know what flight controller they're using? I can't find that info anywhere.

  • Moderator

    I think this video is very likely to be subject to legal action from DJI and the FAA but lets see.

  • Wow, I can't believe how the regulations are in the USA, you guys can just pull over on the side of a busy road and take off, theres no way you can do that in the UK, for good reason too. Imagine a failure and the UAV and it went in the path of a truck, whom swerved into oncoming traffic? its all great until it goes wrong!!!

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