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  • I hate those idiots, the took a perfectly goo Sci-Fi network and turned it into the In-fared paranormal Reality TV Channel.

    What to they have now? Scare Tactics, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters International, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, Haunted Collector, Paranormal Witness, Monster Man, Insane or Inspired?, School Spirits, Haunted Highway. Plus Wrestling and a game show.

    1 Sci-Fi Show (alphas) and 3-4 halfway decent fantasy shows. WTF Happend?
    Id be be happy with Stargate and Sci-Fi re-runs. But they cancelled Stargate too!

    Id bet money the only cameras they own now are GoPros and a few FLIR. It gives GoPro a bad name!
  • The FAA calls any flying aircraft without a pilot an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV).  Just because a person calls their aircraft a drone or anything else doesn't avoid the applicable laws.  And no farmer has airspace jurisdiction over his fields.

    I spoke the FAA reps from the UAV program office last week at the ALEA conference in Reno.  They stated that they are investigating several alledged illegal UAV operations and plan on taking at least one entity to court.  They are hoping it results in prison time for the offender.  And trust me, the offender is someone that we all know about.  You can thumb your nose at FAA but they will do what they will if they hear about any illegal activity.

    The UAV flying in the video would only be illegal if it was being flown for compensation.  I doubt the show host (who was likely being paid) was actually flying it so it is hard to tell by the video if there were any laws being broken.

    I personally have flown a multicopter for National Geographic and the video footage was used in the final production.  But I was not compensated for that flying and I followed all existing FAA rules, therefore it was legit.

  • @Anads - Not to belabor the point, but I don't think the RC aircraft they are using is outside of the deffinition of a drone. Merriam-Webster still defines a drone as "an unmanned aircraft or ship guided by remote control," among other things.

  • Yes, I am flying with FLIR too, and unlike those amateurs, I have real zoom and other controls over the core (the video glitches and zoom in this video is so faked) 

  • It wasn't until well after my post that I searched and found FLIR products. Of course the trademark for FLIR is that double caret-looking mark seen in the fake video drop out and in some of the video sequences.. I suspect they trade product placement ads for use of the gear or a substantial discount.

    FLIR products on ebay are very expensive. :-o

  • Heh, I was just about to change channel, when they started filming with the drone.  It wasn't the content of the show that kept me watching a little longer.

  • I like that they didnt use a quad.  I also like civil disobedience of big bro.

  • @Flying Monkey

    Agreed, those shows are terrible. The "experts" are couple of actors pretending to look for ghosts.

  • Having flown a Flir Tau 640 on my tricopter... I can say that's a real flir thermal imaging camera.  The sound effect, zoom, "video cutout" and flir logo are all added in post production.  They had to of had a dvr onboard recording for how the quality looked (I've recorded the downlink and had a dvr onboard for comparison).  I'm a little more surprised that they used the shots where the tri is so close to the ground and you can't see anything useful.  Maybe that's their intent (for suspense?).  The flir is lighter than a gopro and almost as easy to setup as a normal fpv cam.  Surprisingly easy to fly using it as the primary cam!


    For an individual to charge a few bucks here and there for aerial photography he probably won't get the attention of the FAA... but a production like this for SyFy will definately draw attention!


    As a side note... these types of shows are retarded, I feel icky just watching that little clip.  :)

  • At 0:10 sec the dude says "..send a drone up with a FLIR attached.."

    At 0:21 the tricopter image shows the battery and what may be the IR cam looking left to right. Forward Looking InfraRed is really an out of place term on a muticopter - orginally termed from fixed wing aircraft. Not clear is any video transmitter from the camera so.. I suspect if it is authentic IR recording from the tricopter, it was added during post processing.

    The images indicated 'FLIR' could actually be just a boom mounted IR cam with professional lenses. The audio of the 'drone' shots is overdubbed for effect. The 'zoom' sequence is obviously post processing and the 'FLIR' tag in some shots is also added post processing.

    I am skeptical but totally convinced of the skill sets of TV technology to make you think it is the real thing.

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