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3689400240?profile=originalThis is the Keychain Camera. It's $12 - $25 at and is a great way to record in flight video. It has a 4 gig memory card and 200mha LiPo battery.  The battery will last about 45 mins,  It weights 16 Grams with case and about 11 grams with casing removed.  Takes great pics and video and very crash forgiving.  The newer models now have a sound activated video setting as well.  This camera also works as a USB WebCam.  The time and date stamp I think cam be removed but you might have to use some trickry to do it.  To me this camers works well in bright and dim light conditions. 

Camera: 1280 X 960
Memory: 4 GB internal memory
Time Stamp: Date Hour
Recording: AVI
Resolution (Video): 640 x 480
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Resolution (Still Image / Photo): 1280 x 960
Indications: LED
Battery Type: 280mAh 3.7V
Connection To PC: USB 2.0
Dimension: 2 x 1 1/4 x 1/2
Weight: 0.7 oz.


This is a still pic of my dog just to show quality is good.


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  • Russel and Chris,


    Happy to be of help. I've got 3 keychain cams, #3,6,&7. The 3 & 6 are good and the 7 can be tweeked via software settings to make it "acceptable". I haven't had the money to try one of the "hi Def" keychains yet.

  • @ Kevin

    Thanks for that link!

    I just spent 45 minutes reading and I barely got though 25% of the content, WOW, that site is a treasure trove of info!


  • Hey thx Kevin
  • Chuck Lohr's website at : has lots of info about keychain ("808") cameras. There are around 12 different models with wildly different specs and quality. He also has info on camera mods and software.


    808 Car Keys Micro Camera, Micro Video Recorder, Review
    Review of the 808 car keys micro camera
  • Yea i got the older cam.  I know this because it's 720x480 and has .AVI file format, but still works good for me.  Although the .AVI files are rather large.
  • Some of these are 640x480 scaled up. There is a real 720 version of this item, an extensive thread on RCG about it as well:
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    I got 4 for $12 on ebay, + $16 for shipping... HA! Work great. Some have cheaper plastic lenses others better optics. I got lucky mine are glass and take great vid and pics.
  • Thats the keychain camera I've been touting in my posts :) Its £4 delivered off eBay.
  • *digital P&S & SLR cameras, that is
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