2nd test with the gimbal: 2 axis, pitch and roll stabilized by a homemade mechanical gyroscope. Using a GoPro

In this second test, I added another joint so it can move freely in 2 axis as seen in the beginning of the vídeo. The performance was nice although i performed some very aggressive movements.

PS: i didn't use any bearing in joints, it's just a bolt, that's why the vídeo has some vibration. When I correct CG and replace bolts for bearings the performance will improve

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  • Thanks Daniel. It seems that 2 gyros in opposite directions cancel the stabilization, take a look:


  • Great work Bernardo. I wouldn't have thought to put the gyros on the opposite axis, that seems to work well. Maybe the leverage can be stronger on the gyro side, along with a smaller Brushless motor?

    Plus I wonder if you can easily use a standard cheap Brushed motor. It would be lighter without the ESC and it might be more efficient.

  • Thanks guys ;)

    Gary, i'm curious about trying that too hhehe

    Guto, in the first test the gimbal could move only in the pitch axis. Now I'm using pitch + roll. It's my lucky shirt hhauh

    John, i still haven't measured accurately but it's less than 5A

    avionics, that's for sure hhauha

    Neill, it's a 2200 kv motor

  • Man that is neat.

    What are you using as a rotor?

    Looks like a dt750?
  • I am sure you got sea sick when testing your gyro ! :-)

  • Awesome! What is the constant current draw to spin the gyro and what voltage?
  • Distributor

    @Bernardo, great mechanism concept!

    very instructive and fun...

    Looks like a better test than last one, did you change anything?

    By the way, wonderful shirt!!!!

  • I think you've really got something Bernardo, It will be really interesting to see how this performs in a multicopter.

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