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New alternative Arduino IDE

3689489083?profile=originalAs much as we love Arduino, the IDE could use some improvement. So one user did something about it, with this new IDE that should be 100% compatible, but adds these features:

  • Runs over Arduino install: MariaMole uses the Arduino software that you have installed, so all your Arduino configurations are kept. You can still use the original Arduino side-by-side to MariaMole, if you want,.
  • Workspace support multiple projects at the same time. Workspaces are special folders where you can group any number of projects. This helps you keep the projects organized, and allows working with several projects at the same time. If you have used Visual Studio, CodeLite, Code::Blocks, Eclipse or any other modern IDE, you know that this makes a difference. Specially if you're designing a system with multiple Arduino boards talking each other, you're gonna love the workspace feature!
  • Multiple serial port consoles at the same time: And more: Once you open a serial console, it's always available. You don't have to close or re-open it again to upload your project to Arduino
  • Files use open-formats: All project informatio and configuration are stored on a single XML file (Except for code!)
  • Building process configurable: The Arduino IDE does a great job behind the scenes, but, sometimes, you're gonna need to fine-tune the building sequence, add or replace libraries or change the compiler options. Of cource, unless you ask for it, MariaMole works the same way as Arduino, building the whole project for you.
  • Imports Arduino examples and sketches: You won't have any problems to reuse your old sketches.
  • Easily import Arduino libraries: A Wizard windows helps you with that. And also with adding new files to projects, importing other files, configuring the projects, etc.
  • Color-themes: Do you prefer a dark color-scheme for code editing? No problem. This is the default for MariaMole. Or do you prefer writing your code against a white background? No problem yet! MariaMole comes with a light theme too. And you cand design your own theme!

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  • Try ArduinoDroid (for android) - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=name.antonsmirnov.and...

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  • It's good to see some better alternatives coming along. Very good to see a system that uses xml to store project info. This would make it a much easier job to implement the arduino debugging system that we have in visual studio. So, I hope that in the future this product will become even more interesting.
    The example appears confusing because we see many cpp/h files instead of pde/ino files. I think allowing users to re-order compiler files is prone to huge support problems because this will break compatibility with the arduino ide.
    Has anyone had a chance to test an arducopter compile using this tool? Did it work out of the box?
  • I try eclipse but it was very complicated and did not work for many arduino projects. This ide is better than arduino ide but visual studio is much better.
  • Thanks for the great IDE. It is much more convenient.

  • The IDE work only on windows!
    i use eclipse with arduino plug-in, you can use it on windows/linux. 

    Eclipse is a powerful tool, i used it with java, c++, android, ...

  • It's not hard to improve on the standard Arduino IDE. I still love Visual Micro very much. It integrates into Visual Studio, the tool I use in my daily work.

  • I don't really like to use Arduino IDE on Windows and Mission Planner, I hope that they are going to port MP for Linux :)

  • Whoa, people develop on windows?

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