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  • THE FC is installed in between the two plates of the chassis, the QUAD. By the way I use a brand FC Zero Uav the Gemeni that automatically deploys the parachute in case of failure multirotor

  • That's a clever set up. There is a market for such a gimbal.

    By the way, where is the FC on your quad ?

  • this is my gimbal 3702039950?profile=original3702039866?profile=original3702040075?profile=original

  • Any update on the multirotor gimbal?
  • Hi Ryan,

    Nice product. Waiting for your multirotor gimbal. Keep us informed.


  • Hey Madhu,

    I don't have any immediate plans to build a brushless design unless more people express interest.  The idea behind the servo driven gimbal is to keep it relatively simple and light weight. Most flight controllers are capable of controlling servo driven gimbals.  For a brushless setup you will have to add a separate controller.

    My current goals are to finish the downward facing gimbal prototype for multirotors.


  • Hello Ryan,

    Any plans of releasing this with brushless motors?

  • Hey David, this is Ryan from Skyviewuav. I am in the middle of a move and upgrading equipment. I hope to start production in a couple of weeks and hope to have new designs available after that. I apologize for this inconvenience!
  • Anyone know where I can buy one of these? It looks like the site is down.

  • 100KM
    Arduplane controls the gimbal.
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