QGroundControl 2.0 tech preview release




On behalf of the whole QGroundControl dev team, I'm pleased to announce groundbreaking progress on QGroundControl, making it considerably more convenient, robust and user friendly. This is a first glimpse of a largely re-architected version that we're developing toward a full 2.0.0 release in cooperation with all of our partners in the open source community. You can see a video preview here or by clicking the image above.

The team made tremendous strides on two fronts: A complete rewrite of the parameter backend, making it more robust and efficient in terms of wireless bandwidth and latency, and adding new PX4 flight stack-specific config screens for easy configuration of that platform. Care was taken to not interfere with the operation of existing adopters of QGroundControl.

Other improvements include:

- Dramatically simplified Config screen for PX4 flight stack with graphical user guidance
- Completely rewritten parameter-handling infrastructure with clear display of onboard and pending parameters in Advanced Configuration
- Support for autoconfiguration of fixed wing and multirotor vehicles running the newest PX4 firmware stack
- Built-in autoconfiguration parameter files for many common airframes
- Automated PX4 firmware upgrades from within QGroundControl
- Completely new RC configuration and calibration wizards that identify proper RC channels for use with your specific RC transmitter.

You can download the Tech Preview builds for Mac OSX and Windows here:


The complete source for this tech preview is freely available here:


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  • Developer

    @All Windows users: The installer has been updated. Please download and re-install, it should work fine then. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    @Jeroen, the code is here: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/tree/px4_build

    It should compile and run fine (tested on Linux) but in case your particular Linux distribution poses issues, please report back.

  • Where is the 2.0 source code that I can compile on Linux?

  • Chris, check your path directory if in windows to make sure the qt library is included. If it is reboot to see if it works,  I had a similar issue. 

  • I installed the largest of the three Qt packages for Windows as there isn't any clear way to tell which one is which. I still get the error I received before install Qt that Nick mentions above. I suppose its really a Tech Preview ;)

  • Does this also mean the end is near for Mission Planner?

  • Nick, we're working on reintegrating Qt dlls into the tech preview build. For now you may need to install Qt separately:


    Chris, I hear you about the OpenPilot GCS. QGroundControl already incorporates some open source components from OpenPilot, and it's possible we may pull in other portions as it makes sense. 

    Regarding APM integration: As mentioned elsewhere, QGroundControl already supports APM to a great extent: I often use QGC with my APM 2.5.  My understanding is that there are developers currently working with a fork of QGroundControl, adding additional APM-specific features. When that APM effort has reached a good stable point, I'd love to help merge those features back into trunk, as the QGroundControl team has done in the past.  For users such as myself who switch back and forth often between the PX4 firmware stack and the APM firmware stack, it's really nice to have a single ground control app that can configure both systems. 

  • Ahh i'v been so envious of the OpenPilot GCS and this looks much more like it. I'm curious as well about APM integration.

  • Distributor

    Very nice stuff, any plans for APM integration ever?


    Congrats to the team

  • Well done QGroundControl Dev team!! 

    Glad you have made it more PX4 user friendly and the config pages are the icing on the cake.

    Awesome :-)

  • Hi Todd,

    After install, QGC2.0 reports some QTxxxx.dll missing. Please advice how to fix this?

    Best regards


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