Skywalker X2 950mm Cross-over Aircraft

   The Skywalker X2 is 2016 new conception aircraft from Skywalker Technology CO.,Ltd. Combined with aerodynamics, it has two kinds of configuration that achieved higher and steady speed. It is suitable to practice crossing over and takes you to experience an interesting flying.


   Adopted imported EPO materials, it is strong and durable to fly and module installation that makes flying easier, more convenient and faster. It has equipment slot, micro camera on the top, image transmission to satisfy hobbyists's DIY need.


    Then, I will tell you characteristics and specification of Skywalker X2.



  • Adopted EPO material, light and sturdy.
  • Large capacity cabin, reasonable area distribution,such as layment plywood. 
  • Stable and flexible flying.
  • Module design, disassemble and assemble easily and conveniently.
  • Install simple and fast, small resistance, long range, precise operation.



  • Wingspan:950mm
  • Fuselage length:650mm
  • Wing area:39.4dm2
  • Flying weight:920-1200g

Recommended Cofiguration

  • Motor:2216KV1400
  • ESC:30A
  • Servo:12g*2pcs
  • Propeller:7*6/8*6F
  • Battery:3-4S 3000-3300mah
  • Radio:3CH

If you are interested in Skywalker X2, you can contact with me. 

Welcome to your review !!! I will reply to your question a.s.a.p. 

Thank you!

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  • Chinese hobbists buy Skywalker X2 from us and take such video. I share this video to you. At first, this is Skywalker X1 and then Skywalker X2.

  • Hi, that's really awesome, pls share your Arduplane parameter file

  • @Andy Little We do not have distributor in Europe at present. This comapny has bought from us:

  • @Jason Franciosa The connection between the wings and fuselage is by glue. The winglet has two version, foam and carbon fiber. The foam winglet is connected by glue.The carbon fiber winglet can removed by unfastning screws .

    @DwgsparkyYou can see from the first figure that the canopy are different, winglet are different. The specific piture of two different winglet is like figure below.


  • Moderator

    are the 2 variations just the different wingtips or is something else different?

    Are the wing removable or Fixed?

    Thank you

  • Are the wings removable, and, is there a wing spar?
  • yes, looks great - and the right size for my storage room :-)

  • Developer

    Looks great!

    Do you distribute in Europe?

This reply was deleted.