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  • Were you guys able to go on the flight with the lipo batteries?

  • Just been through 3 international flights with 2 4S 5000mah batteries in my carry-ons. There was one swabbing for illegal substances but otherwise had no problem. They have posters everywhere showing battery capacity limits for carryons but none actually checked them as long as you don't put them in check in baggage.

  • samething happened to me a couple days ago, the airport security only concerns in radio transmitter is disconnected from the batteries..

  • Think you can break 30 m/s?

    I'm curious how long multirotors can keep up those speeds.  

  • As far as Y6 speed, they are faster than a quad because of the extra power. I think our limitation is software as of now, but that mainly effects Auto mode. We are working on testing the latest code, which allows for much higher speeds.
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    Im just waiting for #swag. (;

    I did know that you could modify the hex but was more interested in the designed foldable y6. That was the eta question. (:

    Btw, did you get any questions from tsa on the props?
  • Developer

    I was very impressed to. I am really starting to come around to the Y6 concept, especially after hearing how much time they put into optimizing the motor propeller combination.

    They fold very well and have PLENTY of power to lift a camera and/or some extra batteries.

    How fast can they go?

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    Very nice... And like the names... Yolo 1 and 4. "You only live once"... (;

    Is there an eta on the folding y6?
  • 3D Robotics

    I just say RC helicopters hahaha

  • Oh I like that, I plan to use that a lot more often. The word drone has so much negative press and I can't say UAS without sounding like I am trying to throw out terms that everyone should know but doesn't. "Flying robot" sounds exactly like what we are here, hobbyist, without sounding like I am part of the DARPA.

    Jealous of the contents of that bag :)

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