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Billy B commented on MarioSpeedwagon's blog post NorCal Man Becomes First in California to Be Arrested for Flying Drone Into Firefighting Zone
"California man strikes again."
Jul 16, 2016
Billy B commented on Chris Anderson's blog post AP-Manager switches between two Pixhawks for safety, redunancy
"So who switches the switcher in case the switcher goes bad?"
Jun 21, 2016
Billy B commented on Tersus GNSS's blog post Precis-BX305 Static RTK Results Released
So it's in the order of millimeters."
Jun 17, 2016
Billy B commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Teaching rovers to powerslide with ROS
"So what are the cameras for?"
May 20, 2016
Billy B commented on EngineerX's blog post FLIMMER: THE FLYING, SWIMMING DRONE
"Not sure if it's meant to come out of water and fly again. That would make things lot simpler and Boeings solution actually makes sense."
Sep 2, 2015
Billy B commented on Aleksei Ivanov's blog post Design feedback needed
"I thought it was one of these Magnus effect aircrafts.

Dec 26, 2014
Billy B commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post HummingBoard, The Vastly More Powerful Raspi
"Any interest in nVidia Jetson board?"
Apr 23, 2014
Billy B commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post Possible critical error due to a design problem with the 3DR power module
"I'm not a electrical engineer, but I felt uncomfortable that APM was getting power from two sources and ever since i started using power module, I've always disconnected the + wire from ESC to APM... i.e APM is powered only by the power module while…"
Jun 27, 2013
Billy B commented on Scott Berfield's blog post New Generation Kinect Available for WIndows Soon
"As far as I know, kinect uses structured IR light to measure depth and construct 3D data... it even has trouble in brightly lit room, so I think it is still some way off to be useful in sunlit outdoor environment flying tens of meters above the…"
Jun 26, 2013
Billy B commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Thirty Days (#26): Two Y6 copters in carry-on
"Just been through 3 international flights with 2 4S 5000mah batteries in my carry-ons. There was one swabbing for illegal substances but otherwise had no problem. They have posters everywhere showing battery capacity limits for carryons but none…"
Jun 11, 2013
Billy B commented on Joshua Ott's blog post B go Beyond Quadcopter/Car convertable
"Ghost recon Future soldier comes to mind... Looks very interesting. As more details become available, I might grab one."
May 24, 2013
Billy B replied to iskess's discussion Looking for best laptop screen to see in the sun in ArduPlane User Group
"Got Dell Latitude ATG a month or so ago. i5, 240GB SSD, 8GB memory, 15.6" outdoor screen (with crazy backlight) with single point touch (touch screen is lot more useful with flight planner than i thought), second battery in media bay. It even has…"
May 23, 2013
Billy B commented on Vladimir "Lazy" Khudyakov's blog post Sombody say that in a dual-core processors one core is always a little less than the other.
"Is that Примус or Праймус?"
Mar 11, 2013
Billy B commented on James Lockington's blog post Drones set for large-scale commercial take-off in Australia
"Just been to AUVS-A conference. It was nice to hear that CASA is actually very open minded with small UAVs. Thats is, as long as people won't do stupid things like flying into manned planes etc..."
Feb 28, 2013
Billy B commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post senseFly eBee
"I saw both senseFly swinglet CAM and x100 wings recently at a conference. It is true that material wise, they are horribly expensive. BUT, when I saw them in person (or drone), I had to respect them. To ensure out of the box usability, design and…"
Oct 12, 2012
Billy B commented on John Arne Birkeland's blog post Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone (Kickstarter)
"Very cool. Backed."
Sep 30, 2012