Tiny Thermal Cameras for drones...


My first post here, and I'm going to hype my company and its products. I hope you will go easy on me - I'm assured that what we make is of interest to the DIY Drones community!


My company, DRS Technologies, manufactures a small Infrared Thermal camera called the Tamarisk 320.


The camera has a resolution of 320x240, is smaller than a golfball, weighs less than 35g and consumes <1W of power. 

For the past couple of years we have run the DRS Student Infrared Imaging Competition. The SIIC is an open-format, incentive prize competition for students who use thermal infrared imaging in a creative way.  The top project wins $10,000.  For this, the competition’s second year, there is an additional prize category for “Most Viral Video.”   This year DRS received 25 entries, of which 17 include a video for the viral competition. 

Videos range from art projects to drone projects, and all kinds of odd and novel topics in between... 

The viral video playlist is available at:




...and competition details are available at:




Let me know what you think.





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  • Admin

    I  have been looking for past few  years for  such thing in Internet junkyard but haven't had the luck I had for Sony box camera(FCB-EX480LP)which was  <=75$.  IMHO 500$ for one component (though vital) is at the border of DIY hobby budget end for average UAV enthusiast without getting kicked out the house. Hopefully  I will find one before you find the sweet spot ;)

  • Forget the sweetspot on pricing...just make them affordable.

  • pick and pull junkyard contest

  • Daniel, I think a lot of people are going to be pretty excited by this news, myself included. This is a good market for you to be in. Lots of innovators around these parts and they tell it how it is. We all want this and soon but also realize that most won't be buyers until this goes through a couple of evolutions and the price comes down. We will all be watching and waiting for our chance to explore this and share it. 

  • The cheaper the better!

  • OK, let me clarify here. When I said "less thank $5k" I really do mean less than. Significantly less than. We should have more news on exact pricing soon enough. Until then, I can assure you we know just where the sweet spot is on pricing these little cameras, and we will get there very soon :)
  • What a great little product, but I agree with the other comments about price. You can get thermal imaging modules from scrapped high end cars for around 800-1100. At that range it makes sense to a hobby guy, I think 5k is very reasonable for commercial implementation, but I don't know any DIYguys that have that money for a single part.
  • The small FLIR cameras of similar quality are ~$2.4k.  That's what you're going to competing against.  

  • When we see these cameras sub $1k I bet a number of us will jump. Very interested in adding this to my UAS platform

    Your applications in the videos are interesting, some I didn't even consider like the cave holes.

  • I know Monroe. You will see prices come down rapidly over the next year or two.

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