Hi guys, i'm trying to develop a platform that auto follows mountain sports, such as skiing. i first started with ardupilot but found it to unreliable and spent to long tuning, i since switched to zero uav's YS-X6 as the main flight controller. With this FC the main aim of auto follow is achieved, but there is limitations, the main one being the camera controls are not taken into account, the head of the craft follows me, but at times you want the camera to automatically look straight down, for example when your stopped and it's hovering right over head, for this reason am now reintegrating apm into the system for it's camera gimbal operations. But what i need is the apm planner running on android on my s3  so i can auto update apm with my location, then using apm planners "point camera here" function, i should get apm to point the camera at me whilst the YS-X6 fc fly's the drone on auto follow.....

    If any one else out there is doing anything on tracking, or getting the planner on android i'd love some help!!!

Here is a link to my first attempt at following myself snowboarding  https://vimeo.com/58317994

Thanks tristan

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  • Are we talking about a "Dynamic ROI" & "follow me" working at the same time? This would be cool for alot of stuff.

  • That is a fantastic idea! Hope you get this properly into production. I know I would buy one. Josh @ Ski Chalets

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  • Wow, a glimpse of the future.. well done!

  • For the insanely ambitions I-have-a-degree-from-MIT-folks, optical flow sensing for tree avoidance while pursuing you via beacon or predator-cv person recognition...

    Me, I'd either get a bud on a bike or go for above tree downlooking view.   

  • Perhaps an infrared beacon and receiver is next?
  • thanks for your comments, it seems as though the andopilot project is coming alone nicely and it's just what i need. i downloaded it yesterday, it doesn't quiet have the functions i need, but for sure they'll be there soon so it's looking pretty good. As for the tree runs, i'll put up another short vid of me between the trees, it's only good if there's space of course, but the gps accuracy of the fc and phone is astonishing, if i stop it comes to rest directly over head. For mtb in dense trees you would have the drone above the tree line, just picking you out through the foliage, think it would look ace!   

        As for having the drone following my direct route through dense trees that is the holy grail and my ultimate aim.....come on apm.....

  •  love it.  It looks like this works great for skiing, but I can see trees being a real problem for mountain biking.  As an avid mountain biker in the southeast US, there are rarely trails down here that aren't running through the middle of fairly heavy woods.  I just don't think GPS is accurate enough to get the copter through the trees.

    I suppose it would be possible to use the accelerometer in your phone along with the one in APM to have the copter do some inertial navigation and mimic the same route that you're riding, but that algorithm would get very complicated very quickly.

    Just some thoughts.

  • Tristan, Apologies for my overly simple initial response to your post, my phone doesn't display this forum very well and I responded to the title without seeing the details of your question. Now that I'm on my computer, I can see you are well underway with your project.

    Looks cool, good luck.

  • awesome! love it

  • There is also a guy here putting the planner on android/iPad, still early alpha days, but sounds promising.  
    Hmm, looks like there's at least two projects here:


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