Well its Friday and this is cool


Sorry if you have seen this before, I have been watching this one and don't think it has come up here much. No doubt for all sorts of reasons variable pitch will become popular. The aerobatics are just the half of it.

If you are having a Friday Flyday enjoy it, otherwise everyone have a safe weekend.

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  • If it's a Curtis Youngblood product (and it is)....then it's fantastic. I've followed him since the '80's and just admire at how he keeps re-inventing himself. A true asset to the R/C community and a true innovator.

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    The opening of this vid. shows the guts pretty well:

    How complex a quad can you build?  :D  (in comparison to the standard affair)

  • It works with one motor only. There is a central drive shaft, then one belt per rotor. It is pretty simple indeed, but the main gaol during design was the durability : it will survive to most of the crash without any damage :)

    It works with the new version of the Total G, the TG Multi, which will be first released with the Stingray, but it will then be available alone with both heli and multi firmware :)

  • 4 tail rotors... this is beautiful. I really liked the X8 doing video from the air, wish I has something that smooth ;)

  • I saw the teasers months ago and am glad to see the product making a real debut.

    More complex than a 'normal' quad, less complex..sorta, than a CP heli.

    I wonder if it works with a Total G control variant?


  • Lol, I've been trying to solve a vibration problem on my single rotor heli for weeks.  Can't imagine 4 on the same machine. ;)

  • Interesting... I prefer seeing a heli doing 3d. How many motors installed? Seems like 2 to me. 

  • Yes, this thing is going to be HUGE !

    I have tried it at IRCHA and I loved it, I am the guy flying it from 1'30 to 1'40 :)

    It should be available in September :) It was planned for end of August, but it has been delayed a little bit :/


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