ArduCopter 2.7 Released!


In just a short while, ArduCopter 2.7 will become available for download in Mission Planner. As we worked on ArduCopter 2.6.1, we saw that it had several new and compelling features (as well as many bug fixes and improvement) so it was decided to make this a major version release. 

A full list of changes is here, but they include:


New and Improved:

  • NEW: 3-axis camera stabilization
  • NEW: AP_Limits library: Altitude limits and geofencing.
  • NEW: Automatic Flip (Roll axis) is now enabled on Channel 
  • NEW: GPS lag estimator
  • NEW: the quad first rise vertically to the "ALT_HOLD_RTL" altitude (if declared) when engage RTL
  • Better altitude control in ALT_HOLD and better altitude transitions
  • Better loiter, rtl and auto missions, especially with the new 3DR uBlox GPS. Check out my video above!
  • Better yaw control
  • Better DCM implementation, resulting in noticeably smoother flight
  • Better velocity control in Auto missions
  • Etc


  • Fix to dataflash erasing, which should resolve an issue some users were having
  • Fix some MAVLink commands
  • Fix Circle command
  • Fix some units
  • Etc


No more 1280 support (out of program space)
Know issue:
- throttle stick during loiter need better rpm range


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  • Earlier I reported my problem "can't get flight data from APM1". I have solved this problem.

    Here is description of my solution: 

  • I was doing some tweaking of the camera setup this evening and came up with a question - does the CAM_R_TRIM do anything anymore? I can adjust the midpoint by tweaking the CAM_R_MIN and CAM_R_MAX values, but changing the actual midpoint value via CAM_R_TRIM doesn't seem to do anything. It worked in 2.6.

    Am I missing something?

  • Yaw update.... Large Tri  2.7   Yaw far better now...

    does not over shoot and I get the rate I want for hard coordinated turns.

    Had to change one parm in half because 2.7 is trying hard to get the yaw right... from 12 to 6...

  • Hey, i am testing jdrones hexa 880 kv for altitude hold using arducopter 2.7 on apm2. I want to test the altitude hold in my backyard that is not a big area. I may rise the arducopter to a height of 10-12 feet. The wiki recommends 20 m height for the first time testing of altitude hold. Can i do the first altitude hold testing on my standard jdrones kit at 10 ft? I have an onboard sonar.

  • I've just noticed that I'm not getting logs for mag heading now. It's just coming through as 0, and also my base altitude seems to be off by about +55 meters. However on my minimOSD altitude displays correctly while flying.  I'm on APM2.


    2012-07-26 17-22 120.log

  • I tested this yesterday, and noticed that sometimes that on powerup, my ESCs were beeping, and none of the status LEDs on the APM 2.0 are on. Multiple attempts at power cycling required to fix this--no idea why. Anyone else see this?

    Also, although this is the first version I'm testing it on, optical loiter isn't working at all--regular loiter is fine, but optical flow just causes it to begin to circle at a pretty fast rate.

    Lastly, like with 2.6, the default PID values are still kind of twitchy..when I was last using it back in May, the defaults were a lot more stable. Haven't gotten time to retune.

    There were a few other wonky things I noticed, but nothing worth reporting. Good just overall, though.

  • I have tested Arductopter 2.7 with my old tuning.

    In mode Alt Hold, the copter was stable for some time and then begin to oscillate. I must lower Alt Rate (THR_RATE_P).

    In loiter mode, it circle with a diameter the is bigger. Which value I must lower?


  • Hi,

    I have Hexa U. Will anyone know how to write a mixer to the frame?



  • just done a quick test flight. 2.7 motors randomly surging!

    d750 motors 3s 0.8meter quad

    v2.55 was ok,

    v2.6 very good(after altering throttle end points in code)

    v2.7 only throttle end points changed in mission planner 130 min 850 max.

  • The vast majority of my problems with a light over powered Octocopter seemed to have been cured with this latest release. The alt hold works very well whereas before the 'copter shot towards the heavens when it was engaged. There is now minimal altitude change when yawing. 

    The downside was that with the old values from the previous version it took a little time to sort itself out when I first flew and there was some slightly alarming height gains and losses. I stuck with it and within about half a minute all was peaceful. 

    My thanks to all those on the development team - I just wish I could keep up with all the new features. 


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