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Telemtry issue


i noticed that my ESC's regulator outputs 5.5 ish volts, and i thought it is ok, but it seams that my xbees, (2.4gh xbee pro series 2) doesn't like it so much, it just won't connect, so i have a 5v regulator (L7805) i connected it, and everythi

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Servo Jitter in Fly Mode

Is it normal that the servos jitter if the ACM is in fly mode?

The jitter can not come from electrical noise, because there is no jitter at all as long as I am in CLI mode and e.g. setting up the board with the "heli" commmand.

In my opinion it is trig

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Can we view the movement of our heli (roll and pitch) in the logs? Only the yaw is shown. Is there a setting for that? Also the value of the logs, is it per second?

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