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APM + X-Plane + Trad Heli Sim ?

Hi Guys,

I need to be worked  APM, X-Plane and Trad Heli together. But I cant.

So the problem is, All of them are connected among each other But Calibration is not well. So When I send a command it works but not fast and accurate enugh. So I think I ne

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Setting of extgyro

I'm nob.

I post the first time.

I installed apm2.5 to the trad-heli.

About tail-control I want to use avcs mode, but what do I set for apm?

I don't know how to use avcs mode,So I equip head-lock gyro outside.
But Tail-wagging dosen't fix at the minimum gy

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From TRex 450 to 800. Big helis

I was able to setup a stock TREX 450 DFC V3 with an APM2.6.  It worked great!

I going to slap that bad boy on a TREX 700 DFC stretched to 800.  The helis are so similar.  I'm curious how the scale will change the PIDs.  Has anyone upgraded their heli

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Trex 450 with APM2.5

Hi all, I have a helicopter with APM2.5. I set the board as the wiki. 


But I got the problem. After starting the APM, the swashplate get slant.  

Does any one having get this problem before?

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Blade 450 flybar question

I am hoping someone has some insight into a few questions I have. I am flying a Blade 450 with apm 2.5 mounted aft of the main shaft where the tail gyro would be. I am running 3.0.1 firmware. So far I have successfully setup the heli and have about a

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radio settings

Hello, I'm busy developing a Helix flybarr TRex 500 with a motherboard APM 2.5
I loaded the Mission Planner 1250 software on my PC and the firmware V291b heli.
I have a Futaba radio and I T12FG driver mode 1 (throttle right). By following the tips I fo

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