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Dominator 450L APM 2.6 Build

I had a Dominator 450L sitting around and I decided to install my old APM 2.6 so that I can continue to 3691249858?profile=originallearn traditional helicopters with out jeopardizing my 700 Trex with a PixHawk. So I have had success setting up traditional helicopters.  This is

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Trex 600N w/ Futaba 8JA

Does anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram or more info on adding a PixHawk to a traditional gas helicopter (it's really a glow engine but you know what I mean)?

I'm using a Futaba 8JA transmitter for my helicopter and a Taranis for my quad. R

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Confused on ACRO

There seems to be some conflicting info in the documentation.

The link below says ACRO is frame reference, but the next link says earth reference.  The first link makes no distinction for traditional helicopters.  Has the firmware been updated and the

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Trex 500 Parameters

I was hoping someone in the traditional heli forum could share their current parameters file (flying 3.2.7) if they have a Trex 500 in flybarless configuration and are happy with the transition and hover in stablize mode.

As this is my first trex 500

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Problem with RC Channel Mapping

Hi Everyone,

I have not posted here before and have been building a Trex 500 Flybarless (new 500L rotor head) as a testbed for the tradtional branch of APM.  After loading the correct firmware (V3.2.1) in the APM2 Planner, I went to calibrate the radi

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Is fly-bar less rotor head better?

Hi I was starting a build for trad helicopter.

I'v done multirotor and fixed wing with great success.

My question is simple... Starting from scratch should I go with a flybarless direct control rotor head or is a rotor head with a fly bar better for th

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450 Heli UAV

Hi guys!

I've been lurking these forums for a while and I am finally taking the plunge and am going to build a 450 pixhawk powered UAV heli. I'm a mechanical engineering student with a background in rc planes however I have little in the way of tradit

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Trex 800 gasser

Howdy,  I just bought a trex 800 gasser and have some questions. I'm trying to decide on a autopilot that wont break the bank, or atlest not too much ;). I've been thinking about using the pixhawk, naza h, or maybe a wookong h. I like the pixhawk but

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