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  • I managed to attach my Tarot gimbal to the top plate using the (more recent) Tarot anti-vibration mount.  There's just enough room so the gimbal "floats" without touching anything...


  • @Nick: Good question. I would be interested if you find a solution to attach the Tarot T2 gimbal (new plastic mount) to the 2013 Y6 frame - might be worth a new thread.  

    BTW, I don't see that the 2013 Y6 legs interfere with the gimbal. Can you please explain if you see otherwise?


  • Hey Chris, just checked out the new designs, what happened with this awesome Y6 from the MSNBC interview? Looks sweet, I hope this is coming out sometime :)


  • @ Chris: Do you know if the new legs will be sold separately for those that already have a Y6 and want to add a gimbal? Thanks.

  • 3D Robotics

    @Jason: That should be announced/listed later today

  • When is the new Y6 coming out? They said it was being built to accommodate the tarot gimbal.

  • Another gimbal shot


  • Short answers in case my previous (self) deleted response is gone.

    @ Amos - only differences from stock are cheap chinese props on the top motors, and a 5300mah 11.1V battery. Otherwise absolutely stock with no camera added for the AT.

    @Josh - Yes, it was breezy, so had to bring it back a few times.

  • @ jason - Does this answer your question?

  • aw damn my comment got deleted. If you have it, please inbox it, and I will re-post it.

This reply was deleted.

Does anyone still build these? What's the state of affiars for DIY and coaxial hexacopter builds?

I've been fascinated with Y6 designs for years and have been wanting to craft my own but never had the finances to do so. FInally came into some extra cashflow and want to put it towards a drone. I just became FAA certified and have been doing this commercially as a side hustle in tourism. I currenlty have experience with DJI products.The allure of creating my own has always stuck though, as a fun side project. I've seen Y6 builds that are big enough to carry a DSLR and that's the direction I…

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3DR Specs??

Does anyone have specs for 3DR Y6?  I'm looking for dimensions on all parts, but mostly for the main plates.  I can't find any spare parts, so I figured I'd manufacture my own.  I have a second Y6, but it has the old original top plate and I'd like to replace it with the one that supports the GoPro gimbal. Thanks

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Pixhawk reading 0V

Hi, guys.  I know the 3DR Y6 is not as popular as it used to be, but I still need some help.  I recently dusted off my Y6 and started using it again.  I even installed a new Hero4 for 4K video with a new lens (to get rid of the fisheye effect)...The issue I have (well, one of them!) is that regardless if I connect through the MavLink or the USB cable directly to the Pixhawk, the pixhawk is reading 0.0V from the battery.  Now, the interesting thing is that BATTERY_VOLTAGE2 is reading correctly,…

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