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  • I had spend couple of months, rather about two years on this legacy board but could not make a single flight of my plane. After crashing the plane I was so disheart that I left the activity for two years. Then I started flying quad copter. This year I bought an APM 2.5 with a GPS and right from my first flight with APM on quad copter I haven't found any issue in it. The different Modes in it, specially the Auto mode is amazing and I am so happy with it. Now I have bought another APM to try on plane.

  • I think thats what hes looking for

    they are great you can use the open headtracker code on them too if I remember right

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    I have one of the V2 flat IMUs too.



  • the imu v2 flat is hard to find anymore if thats what hes asking

  • I still have my setup i was looking for info on perhaps turning into a tracker unit but firmware loading is not as simple as MP anymore

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    I have a number of the old ATMega 328 Ardupilots and their shields.

    PM me and I will see what I can do for you.



  • 3D Robotics

    The you mean the "shield" that was mentioned in the original post? If so, I'm afraid I don't even have one myself. That was a long time ago!

  • Does anyone have or know of the whereabouts of an interface/adapter mentioned by Chris,above, for the Ublox Lea-5h GPS?

    I have been looking to buy one, new or used, for a long while without any luck, hence this cry into the wild.


    Joe Homer
  • I don't know why I still fool with this but I do. I'm running FreeIMU, outputting DIYd binary on a Flip1.5 instead of the ArduIMU. I added a I2C daughter board that sends the Ublox protocol to the Flip. It took me a while to figure out the binary enough to get the ArduIMU Test to read it. If that program will read it, then the Ardupilot will.

    The only benefit is a $15.00 IMU, $5.00 I2C daughter board vs. $75.00 ArduIMU. That would bring the combination IMU/Autopilot to about $60.00 with GPS. The other benefit is I get to learn a few things.

    It'd be nice to squeeze all the Ardupilot stuff onto the $15.00 Flip. That would take some rework and combining with Multiwii code. The Ardupilot does a good job of handling modes and navigation, but the multiwii does a good job of combining IMU with reading radio. Somewhere in there is a decent little autopilot.
  • its a MPU6050 6-axis gyro/accel sensor attached to a piggybacked brushless motor driver pcb on an arduino pro mini 328p

    Just a shrunk down brushless gimbal controller

    still deciding what version of the firmware is best

    more info here:

    RC Groups - View Single Post - My FPV Aircraft Projects
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Manual for Ardupilot Mega 1.0/1.4

Hi, I have a couple of the older APM boards.  I stopped flying for a few years and kind of lost touch with them.Trying to get back into the hobby now and I've discovered that all the instructions for the old boards are no longer available!  The boards do seem to be working and can be connected to Mission Planner. Could someone please assist by directing me to where the relevant legacy manual can be viewed/downloaded?Thanks so much...

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Ardupilot (Legacy) code?

Hi all,I found an original AurduPilot hardware I bought some years ago and never used and I would like to use it for a boat.Unfortunately all links to the manual and code are taken down :-((Could someone point me to a source or supply the original files for download?Would be shame just to trow away such a historocal piece of hardware!Thank in advance, Kai

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ArduPilot w/ ATMega328 boards & ArduIMU+ V3 kit

Hi there I bought a couple ArduPilot w/ ATMega328 boards a few years back, but didn't get to use them .... work got in the way! I'm still keen to do something with them -- using an IMU set-up - but now that ArduIMU+ V2 (Flat) is no longer available/produced (understandably as much as changed since I bought my boards) it seems that 3D Robotics Inc's ArduIMU+ V3 kit (or the board from SparkFun) is the only IMU available. However, I have read that it isn't compatible with the ArduPilot legacy…

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Arming Problem with Ardupilot Mega1.4

I am new to this group. I was using Ardupilot Mega 1.4 for my Quad and it was working reasonably well. I made some frame modification and programmed the board with APM Planner 1.2.67. Then the accelerometer caliberation, radio caliberation completed successfully. But when I tried to arm the quad it was not getting armed. I tried almost every thing I know but could not get it armed, some thing is going wrong.Can anybody help me? 

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