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This might be a dumb question. According to the IRIS operation manual and from what I've read in most discussions, the WiFi capabilities on the GoPro have to be turned off. I'm wondering if this true for both manual and automatic flights?

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  • Since my tablet doesn't have data, I have been tethering my cell phone and connecting my tablet to it via wifi, my tablet is mounted on a bracket on the transmitter. I have to imagine this is just as bad as having the wi-fi on the GoPro. I am not sure and the reason I ask is because I notice very spastic changes in signal strength when the Iris + and I were stationary.

    • The difference is that if the GoPro WiFi is on, the interference is at your IRIS.  As the signal gets weaker between the IRIS and your transmitter, the likelihood of interference from the WiFi increases.  With you using WiFi from your phone to you tablet, your WiFi interference is known and less likely to change over your flying session.

      So I'd say the risks are greater when the GoPro WiFi is active.  It doesn't mean that the risks go away completely, as you have  noticed, with the fluctuations in signal at your ground station.

    • Pretty much the same issue. radio is on 2.6 ghz same as WiFi. It's pretty much an interference thing and while yes you might not have issues, there is a chance that it could cause an issue during flight.

  • We also sell an FPV Kit specifically for the IRIS at
  • Has anyone found a way to get video from GoPro safely to a monitor or android device? I'm thinking send it back to ground with a signal that doesn't interrupt that. Any ideas or products along that line?

    • Generally the approach I've seen (but not tried myself yet) is to have the gopro feed video to a FPV setup on a different band.  900Mhz or 1.2Ghz or even 5Ghz (although looking out for harmonic interference would be wise in any case, regardless of band separation).  

  • WiFi needs to be OFF, or bad things will happen. WiFi and your RC transmitter / receiver both operate on the 2.4GHz band, so if WiFi is on you'll make it harder for your Rx and Tx to communicate, hence how people loose their UAVs.

    • Meaning if you're using 433 MHz RC it should be OK?
    • The receiver inside iris has failsafe capability if it loses the signal. If you set the failsafe so that Iris will RTL on signal loss, you shouldn't lose it, even if the WIFI is turned on. My Iris didnt have this enabled by default, but now I can completely turn off my transmitter and the Iris will simply fly back to me and land. IMHO, this is a critical setup step and should be done before flying anywhere near the max range of the transmitter, which lets face it... that why you bought a quad with an autopilot!

    • I do not trust the possible interference of the GoPro WiFi to merely result in a failsafe being activated. The general advice, which I follow, is not to use 2.4 GHz WiFi, or anything else running at 2.4 for that matter, on board aircraft using that band for Rx. My concern is the possibility that interference may not simply block communication but may actually enter a spurious command, with unpredictableresults.

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