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  • Hello all,

    I'm working in order to add a vision based navigation mode for the APM, using ROS and a C.O.M Odroid X2.

      I already have implemented, the vision tracking with the camsifht algoritm, a server-client system  in the odroid, and now, I've started with the mavlink-ros-pkg in order to add a dynamic waypoint. I'm going to estimate this waypoint with a vision based system, and introduce this waypoint with this ROS node in the mavlink message.

      But I have two troubles, first one, is that I need to create a new flight mode to read this waypoint, the second one, is where can I add this waypoint in the mavlink message. Can you help me, please?

  • Yes, Sergio.

    APM will fly well in ANY plane or copter, if you set up it before, I mean, the PIDs for each aircraft. It's the .param file in arduplane.

    For Bixler, skywalker, techpod, and many others aircraft these .param file are available at ardupilot wiki page, just download it and load through mission planner.

    Good luck!

  • any member of the group could assist me the indication and how to use it

  • APM plane which is indicated for the Bixeler ?

  • There's no real datasheet per se.  But if you know how to read schematics, there are always the eagle files here.  If you want the datasheets of the main processor, check out the Atmega2560 datasheet.

  • I'm curious what programming languages can be used to program the autopilots, stablizers, gps, etc.

    Currently Learning Microsoft C++.

  • Developer


        Yes, I believe that's the reason.  From 2.7.4 onwards I don't think that will be necessary at least for quads, hexas and octacopters because we have a more intelligent "stability patch" that will reduce the throttle slightly if required to maintain roll, pitch and a very minimal amount of yaw control.

  • In AP_Motors.h line 31 I find


    What is the meaning of the value 850?

    Is a limit to have 150 left for stabilise?

    A few words please. Thanks. 

  • Hi!! how do we use the user_hook fast loop for the arducopter ?? 

  • Developer

    Hey Alex (and all),

        To get started understanding the code, I'd suggest looking at the main loop function ("loop") in ArduCopter.pde and trace it through..i'd recommend next looking at Attitude.pde and figuring out how the stabilize + rate controllers work.  As you bump into objects (like AC_PID or APM_PI) you could check them out in the libraries.

         I guess it depends upon what you'd like to work on next..There are still lots of places to improve inside of ArduCopter.  There are many issues on the issues list which people have requested..I also have a list as long as my arm on things I'm working on and I'd be happy to pawn some of them off on people!  ..feel free to PM me.

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Getting mission status on UserCode.cpp

Hello, everyone!I'm trying to count how many waypoints has my drone visited and if the mission has been sucessfully finished, and for that I'm planning on writing my code on the UserCode.cpp file, but I don't know if I can define some library to extract that data from, or if I should go directly to the EEPROM, or if I can declare my own parameters and read from them somehow... What is the "good practices" way to do this? Thanks in advance.

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Generate remote control commands from Arduino

Hello. We are currently working on a drone for a university project work. It is quadcopter and flight controller is APM 2.5. The point of the project is to implement A* algorithm (finding short path on a discretized terrain). So the flight of the drone should be described in advance according to algorithm work results, sent from GCS via a protocol (Mavlink I guess).THE QUESTION IS - is it possible to exctract what remote control sends (when drone is told to go forward, for instance), generate…

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MAVLink Manual Control via Arduino / Teensy

hi @all,Inspired on Burkards Sonar Boat project i want to build my own Sonar Boat. We have some discussion to implement the MAVLink functionality and use a APM or Pixhawk with ardurover firmware.Burkard has developed a little remote with a OLED to get some information live from the Boat. This remote has a 5 Way Switch (Joystick) to control manual...A 3DR Ground Modul, a five way switch and a Oled are connected to a Teensy (Teensyduino) So far so good :)I try to implement the MAVLink Protocol to…

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