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X7 Position hold mode

  1. Hi I am facing problem in position hold mode for X7 flight controller,  stabilized and altitude hold mode works fine as soon as I switch to position hold the quad is unstable any suggestions 
  2. I have autotune roll axis and same parameter for pitch axis

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APM torque control

Today i crashed when testing the APM when my plane took a left turn 180degree waypoint in tail wind it went into left spin and could not recover. what i think is the torque of motor and large 20.5x14 prop caused can any one tell dose AMP cater for to

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Question about Video Recording

1. Is it possible to record video in mission planer?

2. Can lat long  be displayed on video to eliminate OSD?

3. Can we customize the mission planer to display video in separate box or toggle between map or video?




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